Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

Slight Anachronism

Who should control Asheville’s water resources has become politicized along partisan lines. A demonstration has been organized for Saturday, when lots of Republicans in higher offices will be attending former Congressman Charles Taylor’s Christmas Dinner at the Grove Park Inn. The protest is scheduled to start at 5:30, which is half an hour after allContinue Reading

Mmmmmm Fries!

NIMBY’s don’t say they’re selfish. They rationalize with community causes, like too much traffic making it unsafe for children to play. This time, activists got creative and said they feared a fast-food restaurant because of its smells. Oddly, it is clean and green when those smells come out of biodiesel vehicles.

Or the Highway

Alternative energy is great, as long as things like big solar panels are in somebody else’s back yard. Even then, it might not be green enough for some masters of all they survey.

George Bush, back at it again

Unemployment shoots back up.

43% Expect Higher Unemployment Next Year

I keep hearing that Americans have turned optimistic about the economy. Not when it comes to the #1 problem in this country: lack of jobs. While opinions of the current job market have improved from the last several months, more Americans than ever expect a higher unemployment rate a year from now. The latest RasmussenContinue Reading

More Enlightened Commentary From The Left

Warning: Vulgar language is part of this video featuring actor Ed Asner, one of the enlightened Left.  

Audit Alleges NC State Prof Took Beach Vacation Using State Money

The state audit reveals this: The report accuses Stacy Nelson, an associate professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, of taking two personal trips under the guise of doing research in 2011. Nelson allegedly used $3,359 of state Department of Transportation grant funds to take trips to the Outer Banks in July andContinue Reading

New at CJO: Critics skewer consultants’ assessments of Medicaid spending

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online that critics take issue with consultants who promise Medicaid cost savings, including savings projected for North Carolina’s Community Care of North Carolina.