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Re: Dix Hill land deal

At least that’s what my mother called the Dorthea Dix mental hospital when I was growing up in Raleigh. On more than a few occasions she threatened to send me there. Commissioner of Agriculture and Guilford County resident Steve Troxler was (along with Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry) one of two Council of State no votesContinue Reading

Only Some Ways You Like It

Asheville’s quirky, funky area of GenX crafts and stuff is going downhill. Nobody blamed the looming Business Improvement District, schedued to go online July 1 with a new 5-7% tax. Prices are rising for some reason downtown, and that is forcing merchants out. Another problem is the increase in homelessness. Since homelessness has been aContinue Reading


Asheville City Council was supposed to have a touchy-feely retreat with the state legislators Friday. The public was given two days’ notice to arrange time off work if they wished to attend. Then, the meeting was cancelled.

Flash! Fast Food Is Not Steak & Arugula

Coming as a surprise to me, schools have been passing out fast food coupons as rewards. Granted, mediocrity is the only winner these days. However, some Einstein just discovered that super-sized fries and milkshakes might exacerbate the Obesity Crisis.

Heh, Heh

Haywood County recently banned the flying of the Confederate flag in front of the courthouse. They crafted an ordinance saying only “official government flags” may fly. Compliant, Southern enthusiasts began flying the Mississippi flag, sending lawyers back to the wordsmithing board.

Vice, Nonprofits, etc.

Here are some headlines to elicit the question, “What kind of economy is this?” http://www.smokymountainnews.com/

Stossel: “It’s not government that keeps E. coli to a minimum. It’s competition.”

John Stossel writes here about the food police and their cries over the “fiscal cliff,” which they say will make the food supply dangerous. He refers specifically to a publication called the Food Poisoning Bulletin. But that’s bunk. It’s not government that keeps E. coli to a minimum. It’s competition. Tyson Foods, Perdue and McDonald’sContinue Reading

Know Someone Who Likes Medicare Advantage?

I do. You should have them watch a short video from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which details the shell game involving Obamacare and Medicare Advantage. So much for transparency in government action.