Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

About “the policies that got us into this mess”

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a letter responding to a recent editorial on the criminalization of banking decisions. In it, the writer dispels the myth that it was too much freedom for bankers that brought on the housing bubble and subsequent financial debacle: Your editorial is the culmination of many previous missives warning of theContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court affirms most of trial court ruling in Nash County poultry plant suit

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals affirmed this morning a June 2011 trial-court ruling favoring Nash County in a dispute with the city of Wilson and private plaintiffs over a controversial poultry processing plant. While appellate judges sided with Nash County on the substantive rulings in the zoning dispute, they didContinue Reading

AFP reacts to Dix land deal vote

The N.C. Council of State’s vote to approve Gov. Beverly Perdue’s Dorothea Dix land deal prompted a quick response from Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for Prosperity, the leading opponent of the deal: “We are disappointed with the actions of the majority on the council of state. Today they did not protect the interests of stateContinue Reading

Barnes advises the GOP against going ‘wobbly’

Fred Bsrnes warns in the latest Weekly Standard that Republicans in Congress should avoid caving in to the president’s demand for higher marginal tax rates on “the rich.” Freshly reelected, the president wants to exploit a crisis again. This time it’s the fiscal cliff mess. His plan would avoid the cliff, but at the costContinue Reading

Heritage voting expert dissects New Hampshire case that could have an impact on N.C.

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation devotes a National Review Online column to the U.S. Justice Department’s curious efforts to help New Hampshire escape the provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, despite the absence of any record of the state ever complying with the law. Von Spakovsky finds the timing suspicious, given anContinue Reading

Sowell punctures some myths about the fiscal cliff

Thomas Sowell‘s latest column highlights important facts hidden beneath the rhetoric about the federal fiscal cliff. Amid all the political and media hoopla about the “fiscal cliff” crisis, there are a few facts that are worth noting. First of all, despite all the melodrama about raising taxes on “the rich,” even if that is done,Continue Reading

Commentary writer labels President Obama the ‘architect of pain’

Peter Wehner of Commentary magazine examines President Obama’s fiscal cliff negotiating position in a short online piece. President Obama’s proposal to Republicans to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff — huge tax increases, huge spending increases, and no serious entitlement reform — is risible. What the president is offering up is essentially his lastContinue Reading

The victory of emotion over rationality

Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic is no fan of guns. He’s amenable to gun control. In fact, he thinks the United States would benefit by becoming more like Canada in its treatment of guns. Yet Goldberg is not so anti-gun that he ignores reality. That’s what makes his new nine-page feature on American gun lawsContinue Reading