Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Duke Energy silliness, part II

Got a letter from Duke Energy the other day on how my energy usage compared to others in similar houses. The idea is to create a sort of peer pressure to reduce energy consumption. I get what Duke is after — reducing consumption may be cheaper and easier than building addition capacity. But there’s aContinue Reading


County Attorney Larry Leake, who had somewhat of a reputation as a boss and a fixture, was ousted by Republican leadership amongst the new Madison County Board of Commissioners.

Oh, Bother

In a free country, one can go from place to place, being stopped randomly and asked for documentation.

Oh! Isn’t It Joyous to Make up Rules!

I feel inclined to mention this again. Over the weekend, I had about an hour and a half to kill, so I went into a Barnes & Noble. A book on the Nag Hammadi stood out, so I began flipping through the pages. Some of the translations were bad, but one could get the driftContinue Reading

McCrory’s Turn

I can see why Beverly Perdue quit. How many pictures can possibly be taken of her consuming alcohol in Western North Carolina?

More Good Stuff out of Hendersonville

Newly-sworn Henderson County Commissioner Grady Hawkins wants to lower the tax rate from 51.36 to 50.00 cents. Unlike most politicians, he says this will be good for the economy.

And They Still Remain the Same

Tonight, the partial Buncombe County Board of Commissioners decided to defer important decisions, as well as meetings, until everybody is seated. Missing were the District 2 representatives, because the race continues to be too close to call. Today, the State Board of Elections told the county to proceed with a manual recount of all ballots.Continue Reading

Economic ignorance on display at Council of State today

Whoa! Did I just hear what I think I heard? Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane was just on New 14 Carolina praising the virtual giveaway of the former Dorothea Dix property by the Council of State to the City of Raleigh for an “urban park.” Only Republican Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler and Republican Labor Commissioner CherieContinue Reading