Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Manned space privatization a hard sell

To Congress, including Republicans. Funding to help develop spacecraft in a public-private partnership with NASA to ferry crew to and from the International Space Station remains well below levels the Obama Administration has requested. Without these new spacecraft, the U.S. will have to continue paying the Russians to fly American astronauts to the space station.Continue Reading

Unicorns exist!

Or at least existed in ancient North Korea. So says North Korea’s official news agency, so you know its got to be true.  And it’s unclear how anyone could now question the motives or legitimacy of the North Korea government, as they have unicorns on there side. From Time’s account: On Thursday, the Korean CentralContinue Reading

A medical advance that doesn’t involve government interference

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek devotes six pages to concierge medicine, a concept that treats health care like most other market-based services. Atlas MD isn’t a free clinic. It’s a concierge medical practice, which means you can’t get an appointment unless you pay cash. Atlas MD’s two physicians, Josh Umbehr and Doug Nunamaker, don’t accept insurance.Continue Reading

An interesting twist on the environmental debate about fracking

One wonders what environmentalist foes of hydraulic fracturing — fracking — for natural gas make of a new Bloomberg Businessweek report. The vast majority of fracking sites in America are powered by emissions-spewing, noisy diesel engines. Which is why Ron Hyden, who’s seen a lot during his four decades in the oil patch, is eagerContinue Reading

TIME columnist, GOP consultant predicts intraparty battle

The latest presidential election paves the way for a major fight over the Republican Party’s future, according to GOP consultant and TIME columnist Mike Murphy. A debate will now rage inside the GOP between the purists, who will as always call for more purity, and the pragmatists, who will demand modernization. The media, always culturallyContinue Reading

Another reason for concern about Common Core standards

Beyond the humorous observations, Joel Stein‘s latest “Awesome Column” for TIME raises some serious questions about the new Common Core standards that will impact the education of public school students in North Carolina and other states across the country. I was not worried about the American education system until after I started writing a column,Continue Reading

If you enjoy George Leef’s frequent citations of Donald Boudreaux’s letters to the editor …

… you might like Boudreaux‘s collection of those letters in a book titled Hypocrites & Half-Wits: A Daily Dose of Sanity from Cafe Hayek. Gene Epstein offers the book a glowing review in the latest issue of Barron’s. Is it possible to write an insightful book on economics and be funny in the process? GeorgeContinue Reading

Barron’s writer wonders whether fiscal cliff is ‘more molehill than menace’

With all the dire predictions about the pending catastrophe associated with the federal government’s fiscal cliff, Jonathan R. Laing of Barron’s offers a less apocalyptic response. Jim Paulsen, chief investment officer of Wells Capital Management, is a “glass is half-full” kind of guy, known as Sunny Jim by some on Wall Street. But he hasContinue Reading