Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

The More Things Stay the Same

The winner of the second seat in Buncombe County’s District 2 commissioner race remains unknown. A manual recount of 3% of votes cast, or two precincts, showed a difference of four votes in favor of third-place contestant Christina Kelly G. Merrill. Extrapolated to the entire district, a systematic error could give Merrill 106 more votes,Continue Reading

When Legal is Illegal & Vice Versa

There may be a problem with this article, as the local daily stripped the text while I was writing, but . . . A Mexican, brought to the country illegally when fourteen years of age and recently charged with drunken driving, is up for deportation. Citizens are protesting. The victim’s mother says immigration agents “areContinue Reading

But Mom, I’m Studying

Blue Ridge Community College has joined the ranks of colleges offering a degree in beer.

No controversy about Voter ID

So says JLF head John Hood in his column today. He also says its not that big a deal either way: Keep in mind that while North Carolina has no requirement, many other states and countries do. Scholars have studied their effects on voting. Most have found nothing of consequence. In March 2011, for example,Continue Reading

Joe Bryan Elected Chairman Of Wake County Commissioners

It’s official. Republican Commissioner Joe Bryan has been elected chairman of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, following Paul Coble in the job. He now has the task of dealing with the Wake County school board. Good luck, Mr. Chairman.

At a certain point you’ve got enough trees

Barack Obama once famously said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” You can be sure that whatever “point” that is, it will always be higher than the combined income and other wealth that Barack and Michelle Obama accrue. It must be the same with Christmas trees. However many Barack andContinue Reading

The Disability Claim Explosion: Sad Feelings And Back Pain

Michael Barone writes about the explosion of people claiming disability and the government saying OK to their claims — 8.6 million in 2011. Barone references a book by his American Enterprise Institute colleague Nicholas Eberstadt. One reason is that the government seems to have gotten more openhanded with those claiming vague ailments. Eberstadt points outContinue Reading

Durham drops the “progressive” ball

Durham has a national reputation for wacky progressivism, but its credential may get pulled by the local-government Comintern, or whatever organization passes out “progressive” seals of good housekeeping. Durham’s health department has for several years offered “free” flu shots to anyone older than six months. Of course, they’re not really free, as anyone who understandsContinue Reading