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From the Holiday News Desert

Amidst the annual recaps, the Mountain Xpress declared its top online story to be a letter from Tim Peck. Peck merely declared what should be obvious: In a truly free market, buyers and sellers profit. Predictably, attacks flew against crony capitalism mistakenly identified as the free market, the perps intending to equate the two systems,Continue Reading

The US will be Greece, it is inevitable

Our Federal debt and deficit problems are the result of a tragedy of the commons. As the commons grows the tragedy will get worse and there is nothing in our political system, i.e. it is not inherently in anyone’s interest, to stop the growth of the commons. The fiscal cliff “debate” is a side show.Continue Reading

Mini-Holiday roundup

…Because I pretty much unplugged during the holiday… *RIP Joe Wilson— I sparred a bit with thew former Greensboro City Council candidate here, but had the opportunity to meet him in public. We shook hands and amicably agreed to disagree; *Rhino’s John Hammer on ‘rookie mistakes’ by the new Republican majority on the Guilford CountyContinue Reading

“They will not be satisfied until there is a ban on kids advertising altogether.”

The Food Police continue to push for an end to advertising food to kids, which the nanny-staters believe is responsible for making kids fat in this country. And it looks like 2013 will see the Food Police continue to nag those companies they say are holding out against meeting Food Police demands. An FDA reportContinue Reading

$16 Trillion In Debt And Federal Workers Get A Raise

The Weekly Standard reports that President Obama’s latest executive order gives federal employees a pay raise. The cost, according to the CBO, is about $1 billion per year. The aide explains, “On the cost-estimate, CBO says the (discretionary) cost of the .5% pay-hike the President is calling for in the Exec Order – relative toContinue Reading

My Predictions for the New Year

Well into the fourth year of the Great Recovery, I foresee: Cinnabon has created the Minibon and Cinnabon Bites. They will be among other innovators in developing quarter-inch-cube desserts. Theirs will be the Cini-Nano. Starbucks will sell individual croutons, specially-designed by a foreign chef, for $5.00. Venti drinks will be outlawed unless made by unions,Continue Reading

Hooray for Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is opting to buck Obamacare out of deference to the Supreme Law of the Land. If only the rest of us could find the courage to do so. My boss today faulted weaklings, too afraid to take a stance, for most of the ills that have recently befallen the nation. As an experiencedContinue Reading

More Recovery

Asheville’s 38th Annual Home, Lawn, and Garden Show is offering discounted booth space. Could it be the recovery is so grand retailers have no need to advertise – or is it something else?