Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

The More They Recount, The More Things Stay . . .

The recount of District 2 votes for Buncombe County Commissioner finished early, but that doesn’t mean anything. Mike Fryar had 19,991 votes; Ellen Frost, 19,903; Christina Kelly G. Merrill, 19,886; and Carol Weir Peterson, 19,868. The top two vote-getters will be seated on the board, but third-place Merrill has asked for a manual recount. IfContinue Reading

This Does Not Compute

Illegal workers stressed beyond allowable limits of labor laws were still making the best food in town.

How Many Glass Beads Would That Be?

Friday is the big day the Metropolitan Sewerage District was going to reveal to the public the findings of the consulting firm it hired to study a merger with the City of Asheville’s water system. Critics who have already seen the report complained it made no mention of compensating the city for acres upon acresContinue Reading

Junior! Close That Math Book and Party!

Horizons have just expanded for those dejected in search of intelligence, finding only opportunities to learn about Marxism, atheism, feminism, and bad art at institutes of higher learning. Joining other WNC colleges, AB Tech announced it, too, will teach vice. In the past months, other colleges have created booze and gambling curricula. Northern California’s HumboltContinue Reading

This Will Make You Wonder What’s Going On In This Country

Writing for National Review at The Corner, Charles C.W. Cooke analyzes Gallup data about how Republicans and Democrats react to certain terms. Both the chart and Cooke’s analysis are fascinating and concerning.  

Outrage: VA Spent $86.5 Million On Conferences And Travel Last Year

Yesterday the House Veterans Affairs Committee held a hearing to try to get answers from VA bureaucrats about the outrageous spending by the agency on conferences and travel in 2011 – $86.5 million worth. After continually being blocked by federal bureaucrats, Rep. Jeff Miller, Republican of Florida, had enough according to the Federal Times. HeContinue Reading

The world really is a strange place sometimes

“Japan Airlines is to begin serving Kentucky Fried Chicken to passengers on some US and European flights for three months next week.” So reports the Daily Mail. KFC as a seasonal Japanese favorite? Who knew.

Another ‘mega deal.’ Sigh.

Rare that Greensboro Economic Development Alliance President Dan Lynch has nothing to say to local media. Fair enough, we’re technically talking Alamance County as the potential site for a ‘mega deal,’ but Lynch’s pass was still unusual. Remember the rumored suitor— Wal-Mart for a distribution center—- was reportedly looking at the Guilford County prison farm.Continue Reading