Daily Archives: November 29, 2012

So much for open-mindedness, respect

Before Editors, News & Observer: “Our endorsements: What’s at stake in Wake’s school election,” September 30, 2011 [Susan] Evans goes right to the heart of the decision that voters in these five school board districts will make. Her grasp of what’s at stake – together with her pledge to operate in an open-minded, respectful mannerContinue Reading

The Reign of Spain might end

In Catalonia, at least, where a large majority of voters apparently want to secede from Spain. Ron Holland writes about this intriguing development in The Daily Bell.

Will’s approach to the fiscal cliff

George Will‘s latest column explains how the federal debate over the “fiscal cliff” fits with the president’s long-term goals. With a chip on his shoulder larger than his margin of victory, Barack Obama is approaching his second term by replicating the mistake of his first. Then his overreaching involved health care — expanding the entitlementContinue Reading

Hanson describes a form of ‘T-ball war’

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column at National Review Online documents the problems associated with a modern approach to war that he compares to a children’s game. Wars then are prevented only by a balance of power and military deterrence: Aggressors have to be warned that it would be stupid to start a war they willContinue Reading

Former BB&T chief tackles the myth of the deregulated financial sector

If you believe that greedy, reckless bankers caused the financial crisis, you might want to spend some time with Cato Institute president and former BB&T chairman and CEO John Allison. In the latest Forbes magazine, he rebuts common myths about the economic downturn. The new myth is that the recent financial crisis and failed recoveryContinue Reading

Forbes columnist explains how government restraints have eroded

The Founders designed restraints that would ensure a limited government. In the latest Forbes, global economist David Malpass explains how government leaders have evaded those restraints. In 1913 the 16th Amendment gave Congress the immense power to tax income but didn’t limit Congress’ ability to borrow against this stream of future revenues. Congress then passedContinue Reading

Forbes contends a fiscal-cliff deal depends on Obama’s ‘thirst for revenge’

Steve Forbes argues in the latest Forbes magazine that a deal to solve the fiscal cliff dilemma depends on one key figure. Most Democrats and Republicans would quickly sign on to a 1986-type of tax compromise. Back then Democrats wanted to attack tax shelters and Republicans wanted to reduce tax rates. So they did both.Continue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that North Carolina state education policy could face major changes under a new governor. Speaking of Education, Terry Stoops’ Daily Journal focuses on a new federal report that compares states’ high school graduation rates.