Daily Archives: November 28, 2012

Meanwhile in Atlanta

Airport ramp workers reportedly egg the New Orleans Saints’ charter bus. Stay classy Atlanta.

One of Three Will Keep the Hairdresser Appointment

Christina Kelly G. Merrill’s protest of the recent county commissioner contest was rejected. In a very close race, Merrill claimed procedures for verifying addresses were not strictly followed. In particular, she wanted to discard votes cast in the mess-up at the left-leaning, gerrymander-severed Warren Wilson College. Legal counsel for contender Ellen Frost asked if theContinue Reading

No Market for Common Food

Lowe’s Foods is closing the south Asheville store it opened only six months ago. Common taters blame a marketing failure: a bourgeoise store was built in a wealthy part of town. So, riddle me this: If rich people are too rich to buy ordinary food, and poor people are too poor to even buy foodContinue Reading

All Symbols Are Not Equal

The following is, by definition, ignorant: Whether is politically correct, Buncombe County’s plugging of the AIDS Quilt on its web site, or Bryson City’s approval of a nativity display downtown? Certain populations find Christianity offensive, and certain Christians find AIDS offensive. Many people have died of AIDS and Christianity; the former, by biological causes; theContinue Reading

On the ObamaCare and health insurance exchanges…

Sen. Berger, Speaker Tillis and Governor-elect McCrory are right – the best path for NC implementing a state health exchange is to wait.  Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute outlines a baker’s dozen reasons why the state exchanges will come back to bite us in the buns.  His list includes additional costs, less flexibility, federallyContinue Reading

Matthews losses medical waste incinerator case

The state’s second highest court last week ruled against Matthews in its attempts to shut down MNC Holding’s medical waste incineration facility in the town. In 2009, the state adopted new air quality standards that would go into effect in 2014. Matthews got the Mecklenburg County Air Quality Division to move up the date forContinue Reading

Changes In Party Control In State Legislatures

Governing.com has an interesting interactive map that shows the results of the 2012 elections on state legislatures across the country. Here in North Carolina, Republicans increased their control in both chambers. With Republican Pat McCrory in the CEO’s seat, the GOP will have no trouble setting its agenda, which most likely will include tax reform,Continue Reading

Two books I’d love to see the justices reading

Those books would be Wounds That Will Not Heal by Russ Nieli and Mismatch by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor, Jr. Both take a wrecking ball to the notion that “affirmative action” is a wholly benign policy that makes America more fair and just. On the contrary, it’s a policy that does far more harmContinue Reading