Daily Archives: November 26, 2012

Because It’s Walmart

Reporters and newsmakers are still getting back into the swing following the four-day weekend. Since there is no news, we can emphasize the crimes that occurred at Walmarts on Black Friday (1, 2, 3). We will then, without consideration of how many crimes occurred per capita in other retail outlets, use the data to showContinue Reading

And If It Rains, Don’t Forget Your Galoshes

Of course the nanny state wants to nag you. Buncombe County especially wanted you to be safe as you generated sales tax revenue Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, most importantly, Hot Fudge Sunday. Since you could never figure out how without government, the county published some Hints from Heloise.

The Blue-Collar Looting Sector

Reflective of the recovering economy, smash-and-grabs are up in Henderson County.

Headline Of The Day: “How the Air Force blew $1 billion on a dud system”

Seven years and about $1 billion later, the Air Force has abandoned a logistics management system that was, as the Federal Times puts it in their headline: a dud. CSC was paid about $527 million for its work on the project, including $8.2 million in contract termination fees, according to the Air Force. The price tagContinue Reading

N.C. Energy Forum chairman says we’re all energy voters

If you care about food, electricity, and the cost of filling up your gas tank, you ought to consider yourself an “energy voter.” Algenon Cash, chairman and small business ambassador for the N.C. Energy Forum, delivered that message today during a presentation to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In the video clip below, CashContinue Reading

Manufacturers Need Workers…

…but it seems all they can get are bachelor’s degree recipients who either don’t have the right skills or think manufacturing jobs are beneath them. According to a fascinating article by Jillian Kay Melchior over at National Review Online, too many young people are going to college and acquiring few useful skills, while they couldContinue Reading

Weird governance for education in North Carolina

That’s the subject of John Hood’s column today. Highlights: Public schools, community colleges, and the University of North Carolina system each have their own governance boards. But these boards differ substantially in design and operation. and Now, I know enough North Carolina history to recognize that these oddities are not accidental. The legislature have longContinue Reading

First up for new HP council

Whether or not to pony up $13 million for water and sewer for D.H. Griffin’s proposed High Point North Industrial Center, event though City Manager Strib Boynton says the city has “no current or readily identifiable method to pay for all the required improvements.” The previous council tentatively approved the project, now it’s up toContinue Reading