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New at CJO: Congressman Price thinks lame-duck Congress will kick budget can down the road

Dan Way reports for Carolina Journal Online about U.S. Rep. David Price’s remarks to an Orange County business group, including comments about the pending sequestration of federal budget funds.

Parents voting with their feet in Indiana

According to an article in Huffpost Education, Enrollment in Indiana’s school voucher program has more than doubled in the program’s second year, the state Department of Education announced Tuesday. In the current 2012-2013 school year, 9,324 families signed up to participate in the Choice Scholarship Program, up from 3,919 last year. Interestingly, state education superintendentContinue Reading

Headline: Bernanke warns Congress to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

Yeah, you tell ’em, Cap’n QE. The AP report on the Fed chairman’s statement today added that “It’s unclear what, if anything, the Fed can do to cushion the economic impact of the fiscal cliff …” — you know, since the Fed is doing such a bang-up job under Bernanke’s leadership so far.

The trouble with government debt

Keynesians tell us not to worry about government debt because “we only owe it to ourselves.” That’s sheer nonsense, as economist Arnold Kling demonstrates in this article. Government debt has real consequences — bad ones.

N.C. Appeals Court affirms trial-court ruling against western N.C. charter school

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals affirmed a lower-court ruling against the Learning Center Charter School in its funding dispute with the Cherokee County school board. In other opinions released this morning: A unanimous three-judge panel reversed a trial court and ruled in favor of former Winston-Salem State University Provost PedroContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court affirms trial-court ruling against former Sen. Queen in lawsuit linked to 2010 campaign

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has affirmed a trial-court ruling against former Democratic N.C. Sen. Joe Sam Queen in his lawsuit against current Republican Sen. Ralph Hise, the man who unseated Queen in 2010. Queen had claimed that Hise and the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee broke the “Stand ByContinue Reading

Why the sluggish recovery?

Historian Robert Higgs argues that one key reason why we remain in the economic doldrums is “regime uncertainty” — that is, uncertainty as to future laws and taxes. Uncertainty impedes investment, which has been lagging well behind the recovery that has historically followed recessions. The uncertainty is more in the nature of “how bad willContinue Reading

Dom Armentano on the long-run effects of Bernanke’s low interest policy

Economics professor Dominic Armentano discusses the long-run effects of Ben Bernanke’s policy of keeping interest rates as low as possible in this article. The effects are bad. The federal government gets to keep borrowing on the cheap to finance its wasteful ways, piling up debt that will eventually have to be repaid at higher rates fromContinue Reading