Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

For the Diversity-Trained, Anger-Managed

Surely you’ve heard about all the programs to train Western North Carolina kids for brewing jobs. Now, Southwestern Community College in Sylva is offering a curriculum on shuffling and dealing cards. The college this summer received $397,000 in a N.C. Return to Work grant. The money enabled SCC to form a job-training partnership with Harrah’sContinue Reading

More on Buncombe’s District 2

The post-canvass third- and fourth-place candidates in Buncombe County’s District 2 race have requested a recount. Muckraker Mike Fryar won one seat by a smidgeon. He was the only candidate that risked having a platform. Ellen Frost beat out Christina Kelly Gallegos Merrill by a dash, and Carol Weir Peterson was just a hair behindContinue Reading

From Mum

Me wunnerful mum sent the following: Decisions have to be made regarding our Medicare coverage for 2013. Explain please. “The law requires Medicare to send the information in this handbook to all people with Medicare 15 days before the start of the fall Open Enrollment Period. The 2013 premium and deductible amounts for Part AContinue Reading

American Petroleum Institute-Hagan ad

..In case you haven’t seen it, or in case you have and you’re wondering what’s up. WRAL’s Mark Binker reports. Update: SF Chronicle —via Carolina Plott Hound— says Hagan “isn’t ruling out support for extending the George W. Bush-era tax cuts for top earners.”

Real-World Example Of How Bureaucracy Impedes Business

The Raleigh City Council recently got an earful about the city’s development services when land-use attorney Tom Worth told them about the impediments imposed by  the development bureaucracy. I point this out not to simply jump on the city, but to illustrate that bureaucracy and regulations have very real and very costly impacts. City ManagerContinue Reading

$29 Billion Gone

Over at sister blog The Locker Room, Mitch Kokai has posted a must-read excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek about the reality of the taxpayer bailout of GM. And the reality is stomach-turning for taxpayers.  And yet, this is deemed a marvelous success by the Left. Hardly.    

Expanding school choice through Education Savings Accounts

North Carolina pundits and politicians have spent a lot of time in recent years debating the merits of charter schools and education tax credits. People attending today’s John Locke Foundation Shaftesbury Society meeting learned about another school choice option: Education Savings Accounts. Jonathan Butcher, education director at Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, discussed that state’s relatively newContinue Reading

Deciding on the best course-drop policy

Should each UNC-system school decide for itself how to handle course drops, or should that decision be made centrally by the UNC General Administration? That’s a subject currently under debate and in today’s Pope Center piece, Duke Cheston takes a look at the controversy.