Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

Expanding school choice through Education Savings Accounts

North Carolina pundits and politicians have spent a lot of time in recent years debating the merits of charter schools and education tax credits. People attending today’s John Locke Foundation Shaftesbury Society meeting learned about another school choice option: Education Savings Accounts. Jonathan Butcher, education director at Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, discussed that state’s relatively newContinue Reading

Deciding on the best course-drop policy

Should each UNC-system school decide for itself how to handle course drops, or should that decision be made centrally by the UNC General Administration? That’s a subject currently under debate and in today’s Pope Center piece, Duke Cheston takes a look at the controversy.

What was that about the benefits to taxpayers of bailing out GM?

Democrats on the campaign trail often pointed to the benefits of the taxpayer bailout of General Motors. The latest Bloomberg Businessweek reminds us that the truth was not as positive as politicians suggested. Now comes the hard part for his administration: unloading the government’s stake in the company. While taxpayers have recouped $24 billion ofContinue Reading

Still want to emulate the Chinese economy?

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek offers more evidence that the bloom is off the rose of China’s state-controlled economy. [O]ne figure is going in the wrong direction: China’s corporate debt has risen from 108 percent of the entire economy last year to 122 percent in 2012, its highest level in 15 years, estimates GK Dragonomics, aContinue Reading

How about adopting Jeffersonian principles instead?

Former Newsweek editor and recent Thomas Jefferson biographer Jon Meacham devotes two pages in the latest TIME to dispensing “Jeffersonian” advice to newly re-elected President Obama. It’s unfortunate that Meacham’s advice tends to focus on the occasions when Jefferson strayed from his limited-government ideals. Critics of Jefferson then and since have argued that his visionContinue Reading

Did the exposure of the Petraeus affair help the N.C. GOP dodge a bullet?

Perhaps. Republicans and Democrats are already looking ahead to the state’s next big political contest: freshman U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s attempt in 2014 to become the first North Carolina Democrat to defend a Senate seat successfully since Sam Ervin in 1968. As the GOP starts to chatter about potential challengers to face Hagan, TIME‘s coverContinue Reading

Those suffering from a persistent infatuation with taxpayer-funded choo-choo trains …

… for passenger travel might want to avoid the latest TIME magazine. It documents the flourishing private business of bus travel. As millions of americans begin their annual migration home for the holidays, there’s one group that will escape the indignities of airports and the soaring cost of gas: budget-minded, tech-crazed, urban-dwelling young people. TheyContinue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man searches for the truth behind the happy talk in the ‘fiscal cliff’ discussions

The president and leaders of both parties in both chambers of Congress suggested Friday that they’re likely to reach a deal that would help the federal government avoid leaping over the “fiscal cliff.” Jim McTague of Barron’s warns investors to be wary. FRIDAY’S NEWS isn’t reason enough for a renewed running of Wall Street’s bulls.Continue Reading