Friday fun: NC history exam

I was in the process of writing a scathing commentary on Bill Harrison’s comparison between Great Depression and Great Recession education spending when I came across the elementary school matching test below.

It is from “North Carolina: Suggestions for Applying the Social Studies” (State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1939).  Enjoy!

Sir Walter Raleigh 1 was a pirate who terrorized the Carolina coast.
Zebulon B. Vance 2 was a friendly Indian who greatly aided Raleigh’s colonists
Richard Caswell 3 governor of the colony that was “lost”
Blackbeard 4 surveyor-general who wrote the famous History of North Carolina, originally published in 1709.
Calvin H. Wiley 5 born in Raleigh and later became president of the United States.
William Tryon 6 Sent colonists to Roanoke Island in 1587
William Drummond 7 was a famous soldier in the French and Indian war
John Lawson 8 elected first governor of North Carolina independent of Great Britain
William Gaston 9 was governor of North Carolina during a part of the Civil War
William R. Davie 10 wrote “The Old North State,” our State song
John White 11 first president of the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina
Andrew Johnson 12 a leader in the tobacco and power industries and chief benefactor of Duke University
Manteo 13 was elected first State Superintendent of Common Schools
Dorothea L. Dix 14 is known as the “father of the University of North Carolina”
Archibald D. Murphey 15 led the movement to establish a State hospital for the insane
Charles D. Mclver 16 is often called the “Father of the Common Schools”
James B. Duke 17 governor of North Carolina (1841-1845), most prominent leader in the building of railroads in the State,
John M. Morehead 18 led the movement of pioneers from North Carolina into Kentucky
Daniel Boone 19 was North Carolina’s World War governor
Hugh Waddell 20 most famous of the North Carolina short story writers
21 selected by the Lords Proprietors as first governor of Carolina
22 royal governor of North Carolina during the Regulator Movement

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