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How to Fight Crime

Back in the day, when I taught physics, I would go to the icehouse for dry ice. It was way cool. Now that we’ve moved into the twenty-first century, people don’t need dry ice, physics, or a whole lot of other stuff, so the icehouse is vacant. It now serves as a “canvas for graffitiContinue Reading

Too Big to Fail

The Flat Rock Playhouse needs money badly. The article in the local daily featured a photo of Las Vegas style women to help you understand. The General Assembly approved a one-cent tourism tax increase expressly for the playhouse, but the Henderson County Commissioners got cold feet about raising a tax for a single private party,Continue Reading

Not Too Big to Fail

All those evil rich people were spending their money on golf rather than giving it to children of negligent parents. So, now that the evil rich people can’t justify luxury spending, the Etowah Country Club has filed for bankruptcy. Several employees were let go, and if the owners can’t nip and tuck and market enough,Continue Reading

Why They Get a Separate, Cushy Plan

Yahoo published an article about which states want to set up their own Obamacare insurance exchanges and which are balking. Following the article was a string of complaints about Obamacare. Only one in about 300 made a semi-neutral statement. (I didn’t take the time to read more than about 300.) Of particular interest was aContinue Reading

The ever shrinking phonebook

Size of the 2011-2012 Yellowbook: 1 1/2 inches Size of the 2012-2013 Yellowbook: 1 1/4 inches Would take about the size of the Yellow Pages but I didn’t seem to get one this year…

Why not raise taxes on the rich?

Obama keeps saying that we can “fix” our fiscal problems by “asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a bit more.” That is sheer nonsense, since we couldn’t fix our looming fiscal disaster even if we levied a 100 percent tax rate on every taxpayer. Nevertheless, neocons have indicated their willingness to cave in and letContinue Reading

Combining a libertarian emphasis on markets with a liberal emphasis on social justice

Trying to bridge a gap between market purists and advocates for social justice, Brown University political philosopher John Tomasi has developed a “hybrid theory of liberal justice” that’s described in the recent book Free Market Fairness. Tomasi discussed key themes from the book during a Hayek Lecture Tuesday at Duke University. Click play below toContinue Reading

Friday fun: NC history exam

I was in the process of writing a scathing commentary on Bill Harrison’s comparison between Great Depression and Great Recession education spending when I came across the elementary school matching test below. It is from “North Carolina: Suggestions for Applying the Social Studies” (State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1939).  Enjoy! Sir Walter Raleigh 1 wasContinue Reading