Daily Archives: November 16, 2012

Why not raise taxes on the rich?

Obama keeps saying that we can “fix” our fiscal problems by “asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a bit more.” That is sheer nonsense, since we couldn’t fix our looming fiscal disaster even if we levied a 100 percent tax rate on every taxpayer. Nevertheless, neocons have indicated their willingness to cave in and letContinue Reading

Combining a libertarian emphasis on markets with a liberal emphasis on social justice

Trying to bridge a gap between market purists and advocates for social justice, Brown University political philosopher John Tomasi has developed a “hybrid theory of liberal justice” that’s described in the recent book Free Market Fairness. Tomasi discussed key themes from the book during a Hayek Lecture Tuesday at Duke University. Click play below toContinue Reading

Friday fun: NC history exam

I was in the process of writing a scathing commentary on Bill Harrison’s comparison between Great Depression and Great Recession education spending when I came across the elementary school matching test below. It is from “North Carolina: Suggestions for Applying the Social Studies” (State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1939).  Enjoy! Sir Walter Raleigh 1 wasContinue Reading

Noonan remarks on a ‘conceited nitwit society’

In the wake of the scandal that has ensnared top military leaders in recent days — including the high-profile general who ended up leading the CIA — Peggy Noonan devotes her latest Wall Street Journal column to the growing prevalence of self-aggrandizement in American society. It used to be that if you were big, you’dContinue Reading

Barone tackles state-level election changes

Like John Hood’s most recent Daily Journal, Michael Barone‘s latest column explores the impact of the latest election on state-level politics. In state legislative races, Democrats also rebounded from 2010, but fell far short of the losses they sustained then. They went into the 2010 election with 53 percent of state senators across the countryContinue Reading

Goldberg rethinks his opposition to ‘compassionate conservatism’

Jonah Goldberg acknowledges in his latest column at National Review Online that he might owe former President George W. Bush an apology. Compassionate conservatism always struck me as a philosophical surrender to liberal assumptions about the role of the government in our lives. A hallmark of Great Society liberalism is the idea that an individual’sContinue Reading

The transparent president

Tim Carney writes for the Washington Examiner‘s “Beltway Confidential” about President Obama’s record of secrecy. Candidate Obama promised transparency. President Obama talks as if he has delivered it. People paying close attention know he hasn’t. Mike Riggs at Reason magazine lays out Obama’s pattern of secrecy, especially with regard to national security. The meat ofContinue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

Now that he’s won the election, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory is preparing to take over North Carolina’s top government job. John Hood discusses the likely impact of a McCrory administration during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Speaking of the election, Jon Ham critiques mainstream media coverage of the latest presidential race. Terry Stoops analyzesContinue Reading