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JLF Senior Fellow Rotterman on GOP and Benghazi

Politico.com’s “Arena” asked if Republican attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice were misdirected. John Locke Foundation senior fellow Marc Rotterman responded: Clearly the president and his administration are “stonewalling” on Benghazi. First and foremost, it is now obvious that there never was a spontaneous mob that demonstrated outside of our consulate outraged over an obscureContinue Reading

Fred Barnes of Fox News, Weekly Standard offers 2012 election recap

If you were no big fan of President Obama’s first term, wait until you see the second. That was the most sobering piece of Fred Barnes’ message today during a John Locke Foundation Headliner luncheon in Raleigh. Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard and a fixture on Fox News, offered his analysis of 2012Continue Reading

A classic from Thomas Sowell: Government statistics

You have to laugh to keep from crying.

The original 13 colonies were all on the East Coast?

Add this 60 Minutes interview with historian David McCullough to your reading list.  Wow. Morley Safer: You, you, calling us [Americans] historically illiterate. David McCullough: Yes. I feel that very much so. I ran into some students on university campuses who were bright and attractive and likeable. And I was just stunned by how muchContinue Reading

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray discussed the impact of North Carolina Republicans’ big electoral gains during an appearance on News 14 Carolina’s Capital Tonight:

As you prepare for Fred Barnes’ trip to the Triangle for today’s JLF Headliner luncheon …

… you might enjoy the Weekly Standard and Fox News expert‘s latest musings on President Obama: President Obama the self-proclaimed compromiser sounds the same as Obama the partisan politician running for reelection. At his press conference Wednesday, he harped on what had been a chief talking point of his campaign—raising taxes for the wealthy. HeContinue Reading

York highlights Jindal’s thoughts about the GOP’s future

Byron York‘s latest contribution to the Washington Examiner‘s “Beltway Confidential” highlights Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s concerns about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s assessment of his election loss. In a conference call with donors Wednesday, Romney said Obama won votes by offering enticing “gifts” to key Democratic voting groups like blacks, Hispanics, and the young. SubsidizedContinue Reading

The future of democracy

If the outcome of our nation’s latest democratic procedure baffled you, you might be interested in Chilton Williamson Jr.’s latest book, After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy. Williamson scours nearly two centuries of the written record of intellectual pontification about democracy and democratic principles, then spells out some cheery conclusions about democracy’s future.Continue Reading