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Embrace Diversity; Kiss Southern Culture Good-Bye

PETA has finally succeeded in shutting down Brasstown’s only claim to fame – the annual Possum Drop. It was like the big apple lowered to celebrate New Year’s Day in New York. The battle was finally clinched on the grounds that the guy behind the event, Clay Logan, does not have a permit to holdContinue Reading

How Many Death Blows Can This Poor Economy Take?

An Asheville Kmart will close in January, creating opportunities for 53 current employees to find work. Last year at this time, Sears Holding decided to close 100 of its stores due to decreased sales. Meanwhile, Walmart employees are using social media to organize a nationwide strike on Black Friday. Unlike the 9.7 percent of NorthContinue Reading

. . . and Raleigh Taketh away

John Boyle of the local daily reported the findings of the Metropolitan Sewerage District’s study on the feasibility of a merger with the City of Asheville’s water system. Consultants concluded the merger could be completed, realizing efficiencies without raising rates or laying off any employees. Asheville City Councilwoman Esther Manheimer asked what compensating the cityContinue Reading

Yet Another Local Government “Educational” Campaign For A Referendum

The Fayetteville Observer reports the city has cancelled a February special election during which voters would decide on a $45 million parks referendum. As we’ve seen  with other local governments, Fayetteville was planning to spend a boatload on an “educational” campaign. These “educational” campaigns have become a source of concern since they use tax dollarsContinue Reading

For example

[E]conomics studies the consequences of the decisions that are made about the land, labor, capital and other resources that go into producing the volume of output which determines a country’s standard of living. — Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics, Third ed., p. 2 My newsletter this week, “They broke it; we bought it,” offered a brief,Continue Reading

The year-round school thing

The UPoR has a lengthy article on year-around schools, including the possibility of CMS using that model at certain west Charlotte schools next year. In general, offering varying educational approaches is a good thing if parents opt in. The problem with alternative calenders comes when they are not voluntary, especially if different calenders apply toContinue Reading

Aren’t judges supposed to be, you know, smarter than the rest of us?

You can’t make this stuff up. A North Carolina administrative law judge has ruled that the people of Brasstown, N.C., by temporarily caging a ‘possum for their annual New Year’s Eve “‘possum drop,” are depriving a poor, innocent animal of the right to get run over by a pickup truck or killed by a hunter:Continue Reading

Meanwhile, in Miami…..

Fat taxpayer-funded stadium, lousy team. NPR’s Mike Pesca analyzes the Miami Marlins’ limicolous fire sale. Former Greensboro Grasshopper Josh Johnson was included in the deal with the Blue Jays, while former Hoppers Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison stay with the Marlins—-for now. Included in any discussion in Panthers nation about public funding for Bank ofContinue Reading