Daily Archives: November 13, 2012

What I Learned at City Council Tonight

Are you in a blue funk, feeling off and unsure why? Well, when was the last time you checked the gender and amount of melanin in the skin of your local ABC board members? Asheville City Council decided to bump one man in favor of appointing a woman, and Mayor Terry Bellamy advised council toContinue Reading

Prescription Precedes Diagnosis

Planners want to regulate ridgetop development in Polk County. Since it is not exactly obvious which parcels would be deadly if developed, the process is beginning with a mapping project.

Pennies for Awnings

Tryon Mayor Alan Peoples wishes to encourage customers to round up their water bills to the nearest dollar so government can pay for streetscaping. He got the idea after attending a presentation by Scotland Neck’s mayor, Robert Parson, on government fundraising. If the idea is approved, Tryonites will get sidewalk repairs and awnings.

More Evidence We Have Lost Our Way

A North Carolina judge says you can’t lower an opossum in a plexiglass box and then let it out. PETA filed suit claiming the opossum will be upset and that it’s inhumane treatment. You can, however, legally end the life an unborn girl or boy. The law does not consider that treatment to be inhumane.Continue Reading

MI-Connection mentioned in the Jacksonville, NC paper

And on the editorial page no less. And no, it’s not a positive op-ed: The North Carolina towns of Davidson and Mooresville have unwittingly made a foolproof case as to why government should refrain from trying its hand at entrepreneurship. It all started with the two Tar Heel municipalities jumping into the booming business ofContinue Reading

They broke it; we bought it

Elections have consequences, and the choice we faced in this past presidential election was either to step back from the brink of reckless regulation, deficit spending, and tax hikes, or continue to barrel along and pretend that the realities of these economic choices will be magically suspended, leaving an economy humming as Americans return toContinue Reading

Superstorm Sandy and Smart Growth

Antiplanner pulls no punches: Advocates of smart growth–density and transit–are either consummate liars or complete idiots. Those are the only explanations for many of the statements that come out of their mouths. The latest is the claim that Superstorm Sandy proves we need to spend more on transit. What Superstorm Sandy proved was that concentratingContinue Reading

Forget Paula Broadwell. What about the Panthers?

In case you haven’t heard, the FBI searched Paula Broadwell’s tony Dilworth home last night in an effort to determine whether or not her affair with Gen. David Petraeus somehow compromised our national security. Forget that —- the Panthers might be moving to L.A. Sister blog Meck Deck reports QC’s Stadium Freakout of 2012, passingContinue Reading