Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Acting Like They’re Hiding Something

Today on WWNC, Pete Kaliner was complaining about the Buncombe County School Board. Lisa Baldwin, who is the hero of many Lockers, has a reputation for asking questions. At meetings, she doesn’t pick her battles, but bombards the other board members with several motions that all die for lack of a second. With the recentContinue Reading

Sounds Like a Personal Problem

I think I shall opinionate today. Lately, the news pages have been full of articles about drug busts. Does anybody really care? Can anybody but a druggy relate to the number of grams or hits specified? I do not support the use of controlled substances, and I don’t necessarily believe some of those substances shouldContinue Reading

It hurts to see this

Many of you in Durham will remember the ground-breaking news website that our team at The Herald-Sun developed in 2000 (see below). It won many awards, and, I have to say (and not just because I directed the work on it), was then the most innovative newspaper website going, and was better than most operatingContinue Reading

Education of black students in the Reconstruction-era South

A key issue in the post-Civil War South involved finding the best way to educate the youngest of the newly freed slaves. Troy Kickler discussed that topic today during a presentation for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In the video clip below, Kickler summarizes a key finding from his research. 2:25 p.m. update: ClickContinue Reading

Politico: Thom Tillis Or Renee Ellmers V. Kay Hagan?

Interesting speculation about the 2014 cycle. Expect to see Sen. Kay Hagan step up her public profile in 2013. North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis is the early Republican favorite to mount a bid against the first-term Hagan because of his fundraising ability and close ties to Gov.-elect Pat McCrory. But if Republicans want toContinue Reading

The great Panthers’ stadium freakout of 2012

There’s really no other way to describe it: The Uptown powers that be are scared that the Panthers will head to Los Angeles, from which comes a willingness to shove public dollars at Jerry Richardson. And it isn’t just Charlotte City Council that’s assuming a surrendering before details have come out stance. Charlotte Chamber PresidentContinue Reading

Freedom for Parents

I spent this past weekend with an old friend and her family.  She has three absolutely delightful boys.  Her six year old reads fluently.  All three are confident, well behaved, and independent.  They’re inquisitive; I’ve heard “Why?” about a million times in the last three days.  They play and argue and whine occasionally, like allContinue Reading

Meanwhile, in Winston-Salem….

The Journal voices its approval of a raise and 28k bonus for Visit Winston-Salem president Richard Geiger. The Tourism Development Authority approved the raise and bonus by a 5-1 vote, with Forsyth County Commissioner Debra Conrad casting the lone ‘no’ vote. The Journal cites as justification for the raise and the bonus an $800,000 hikeContinue Reading