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Live JLF/CJ Election Day coverage

Welcome to the John Locke Foundation/Carolina Journal’s continuing coverage of Election Day, 2012. Be sure to visit often for updates of the races across North Carolina and throughout the nation.

If you’re watching returns in tonight’s N.C. legislative races

Here are some numbers to keep in mind: Republicans now control the N.C. Senate with a 31-19 majority. Thirty-two of the 50 Senate seats are in play today, with the outcomes of 18 races already decided before the general election. Among the uncontested elections, Republicans hold an 11-7 advantage. That means they need to winContinue Reading

Natural disasters and government

The New York Times recently opined that big storms call for big government. (Ask people on Staten Island how that’s working out for them!) In today’s Freeman piece, Professor Sanford Ikeda argues that spontaneous order works better.

“The Mistake that is the Libertarian Party”

This Wall Street Journal article by libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett explains why he believes that, in light of the fact that we do not have a parliamentary system, the formation in 1972 of the Libertarian Party was a mistake. In the main I agree with his analysis in  terms of the political process. AndContinue Reading

Four consecutive years and going strong: Trillion dollar plus deficits

The federal government has run more than $1 trillion deficits for each of the past four fiscal years, as Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center has shown in graphical form. Keep in mind, this is using the federal government’s own misleading cash-basis accounting and does not include all of the unfunded liabilities such asContinue Reading

DC Examiner writers: 6 pick Romney, 6 pick Obama

Twelve Washington Examiner writers offer predictions on the outcome of the presidential election:            

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, Election Day, 2012

• Campaign Central. Tonight, be sure to visit Locker Room often. We’ll provide regular updates and analysis of election returns from North Carolina and in key races nationally. John Locke Foundation and Carolina Journal staff also will offer their expertise on a host of broadcast, online, and social media through the night. Find out whereContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court reverses lower court in dispute involving Jones County transportation service

A three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has ruled unanimously in favor of Jones County in a legal dispute involving taxpayer-funded transportation services for county residents, reversing a trial-court ruling in the case. A private contractor had sued the county and its Department of Social Services when Jones County officials decided in NovemberContinue Reading