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A quick election thought

The polls were pretty accurate. And a lot of big-name Republican political analysts have a lot of egg on their face about now. More in the morning.


Look at what the price of gold did today.


I was just talking with my landlord. He said that [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] has already [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted]. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] gets the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] once the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] [expletive deleted] the [politically-charged languageContinue Reading

Election Day

The morning started very cold. A couple poll workers’ fingers were too cold to drive by the second or third hour of standing in the cold rain. There was snow in eastern Buncombe County, and parts of Jackson County were reportedly white. Kindly people crossed party lines to share blankets or hand warmers. Partisans passingContinue Reading

N.C. going down to the wire…..

Update: AP and NPR are tweeting Romney wins N.C …Just in case you haven’t heard. Both Guilford and Forsyth go for Obama. Note to Republicans— don’t give up on Florida yet.

Mayor Pat is now Gov. McCrory

AP called it a few minutes ago. In Triad-area races, according to the state BOE site: *Lt. Gov’s race is tight, with Linda Coleman holding a 50-49 lead over Dan Forest; *5th Congressional District Rep. Virginia Foxx is leading 55-44 over challenger Elisabeth Motsinger; *6th Congressional District Rep. Howard Coble is cruising 59-40 over challengerContinue Reading

Live JLF/CJ Election Day coverage

Welcome to the John Locke Foundation/Carolina Journal’s continuing coverage of Election Day, 2012. Be sure to visit often for updates of the races across North Carolina and throughout the nation.

If you’re watching returns in tonight’s N.C. legislative races

Here are some numbers to keep in mind: Republicans now control the N.C. Senate with a 31-19 majority. Thirty-two of the 50 Senate seats are in play today, with the outcomes of 18 races already decided before the general election. Among the uncontested elections, Republicans hold an 11-7 advantage. That means they need to winContinue Reading