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Students for Liberty keeps on growing!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Students for Liberty regional conference at UNC-Chapel Hill, and here is a short news clip that one of the other attendees prepared. The key insight I draw from this event is that knowledge of and confidence in libertarianism is growing rapidly among young people, even ifContinue Reading

Voting on a touchscreen? Double-check your ballot

Recent complaints about calibration problems in early voting in Guilford County reminded me of a situation I had during the only time I’ve utilized the early voting opportunity. Back in 2008, I went with my neighbor to vote. It was on the last day of early voting and we had to stand in line forContinue Reading

Early voting prognostication, for what it’s worth

The North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation’s analysis of early voting note that the share of registered Democrats casting early ballots this year is down 3.7 percentage points from 2008, with much of the slack being picked up by unaffiliated voters. While not every Democrat casting an early ballot will vote for Barack Obama, it’s worth notingContinue Reading

The presidency versus civil liberty

In this piece, Glenn Greenwald argues that Obama surpasses all previous presidents in his eagerness to undermine the civil liberties of Americans. Plenty of stiff competition, but Obama wins this dubious honor. Free market advocates often get enthused about Republicans only to find out that they are really not much interested in the free market.Continue Reading

The role of manufacturing and in-migration in North Carolina’s unemployment spike

Why has North Carolina’s unemployment rate ranked among the nation’s highest since the latest national economic downturn? N.C. State University economist Michael Walden points to two major factors: the state economy’s heavy reliance on manufacturing and North Carolina’s high in-migration rate. Walden researched those factors and others affecting unemployment throughout the 50 states. He discussedContinue Reading

More evidence of our political dementia

The federal government feels it appropriate to prosecute a man for selling private money. I’ve written about this Charlotte-based case before. Here is the latest on it. It is the abusive prosecutors who ought to be contemplating life in prison, not the alleged “counterfeiter” and “terrorist” Bernard von NotHaus.

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, November 5, 2012

• … and often? Jonathan Kappler of the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation relays early voting information from the State Board of Elections: More than 2.7 million votes cast; the percentage of votes cast by Democrats fell 3.5 percent from 2008, with much of the slack picked up by unaffiliateds.   • Press “1” for … TheContinue Reading

Excellent analysis by Prof. John Cochrane

University of Chicago professor John Cochrane here gives a clear and accurate analysis of our economic situation. In a nutshell, our bloated government is wasting resources, while depressing the incentives and capabilities of people to produce desired goods and services. Obama promises more of the same whereas Romney might at least try to lighten theContinue Reading