Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

Transit-friendly group opposes Orange transit tax

A politically influential, grassroots organization in Orange County that supports mass transit is launching a last-minute effort to convince voters to reject a half-cent sales tax referendum on the ballot Nov. 6 to fund a Triangle Transit plan that features a light-rail corridor. “The group wants voters to recognize that if the tax increase goesContinue Reading

Do we really need FEMA?

Statists are using Hurricane Sandy as proof that we need big (yea, even bigger) government to cope with natural disasters, but in this piece, Sheldon Richman argues that disaster responses are better left to voluntary efforts. Among other reasons, politicians tend to be mainly concerned about theatrics than actually doing any good.

New at CJO: Former NCIS agent tries to take out veteran Secretary of State Marshall

Sam Hieb profiles the races between incumbent Democratic Secretary of State Elaine Marshall — who won her first race for the office in 1996 against Richard Petty — and her Republican challenger, Ed Goodwin. Read Sam’s story here.

How can a state with one of the nation’s worst unemployment rates rank No. 1 in ‘business climate’?

It’s a question that crops up near the end of the News & Observer‘s brief report on North Carolina’s latest No. 1 ranking from Site Selection magazine (not posted online, as far as I can tell). North Carolina, the state with the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the country, has the top business climate in theContinue Reading

Watch CarolinaJournal.tv and listen to Carolina Journal Radio for hints about the new RTP master plan

The News & Observer reports that the Research Triangle Foundation will unveil its new master plan for Research Triangle Park one week from today. The foundation’s president and CEO, Bob Geolas, discussed the planning process during a summer presentation for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. You can watch that presentation via CarolinaJournal.tv. Geolas alsoContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, November 2, 2012

• Checking the pulse. The final Civitas Poll (PDF download) before the election shows Mitt Romney with a slim lead over Barack Obama, along with plenty of undecided voters in Council of State races.   • Letter sweater. Democrat Phil Feagan, who’s challenging incumbent Rep. Ralph Hise in House District 47, is accusing the stateContinue Reading

This Newsweek writer could learn a lesson from John Hood

Early in his four-page op-ed supporting President Obama — sorry, news report about the closing days of the presidential campaign — Newsweek‘s Michael Tomasky offers us this nugget: I once heard a political consultant say: “The point of getting elected is getting reelected.” Cynical, shallow, insiderish? You bet—all of that. But there is truth toContinue Reading

National tax group highlights N.C.’s interest in reform

A new Reuters column from Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform highlights North Carolina leaders’ interest in reforming the state’s tax code. Consider North Carolina. Republicans took control of the General Assembly in 2010 for the first time since Reconstruction, and next month the Tar Heel State is likely to becomeContinue Reading