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Vote to Kill, and Ask Questions Later

The citizens of Asheville are being asked via referendum whether or not the city should sell its water system. Meanwhile, the experts have to wait until after the election to see a draft of a study commissioned to inform the answer. A parallel study also managed to miss its deadline for pre-election public review.

More Recommended Reading

In case you haven’t read this yet, here’s a link to “Storm Economics in One Lesson.” Hopefully, it will resonate with what you already know. It tells of administrative inefficiency, faux leadership, price gouging, “organizing,” favorite sons, licensure enforcement, postponing help to qualify for more state and federal dollars, the broken windows fallacy, and much,Continue Reading

Very Scary

Enjoy the cartoon for the Mountain Xpress’ voter guide.

Hobby Lobby Stores To Judge: Obamacare Violates Religious Freedom

Thank you to this courage firm– Hobby Lobby —  for fighting to restore religious freedom, which is trampled by Obamacare. An arts and craft supply company owned by a Christian family asked a judge Thursday to block a portion of the new federal health care law, claiming that mandated coverage for certain birth control violatesContinue Reading

Where The Boys Are…And Aren’t

Writing today at carolinajournal.com, North Carolina Education Alliance fellow Kristen Blair weighs in on troubling numbers for young boys, and the lack of concern for their lack of achievement. New 2012 SAT scores, released weeks ago, unleashed a fusillade of commentary about the state of American achievement. Many hammered the decline in reading performance; othersContinue Reading

There is one overriding reason why there are long gas lines in New York and NJ

Anti price gouging laws. If you want to learn why (and a little economics)  See page 22. If not I have a quote for you from the late Murray Rothbard, one that I have posted here several times in the past. But it never gets old. It is no crime to be ignorant of economics,Continue Reading

Rove thinks the numbers point toward Romney

Having helped engineer two electoral victories for George W. Bush, Karl Rove‘s take on electoral math is worth noting. He explains for Wall Street Journal readers why he believes the numbers look good for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. He maintains a small but persistent polling edge. As of [Tuesday] afternoon, there had been 31 nationalContinue Reading

Barnes reacts to the president’s response to Hurricane Sandy

Fred Barnes — who will help the John Locke Foundation analyze election results during a Nov. 15 Headliner luncheon — offers Weekly Standard readers his observations about the political impact of President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy. President Obama comes to work, conducts a few conference calls on Hurricane Sandy, holds a press conference, andContinue Reading