Monthly Archives: November 2012

Duke Energy silliness, part I

This involves silly things done to Duke Energy in response to its firing of former Progress Energy chief Bill Johnson as its CEO minutes after the two companies official merged. Some sort of sanction was certainly appropriate, but the options state regulators opted for are questionable. As the Charlotte Observer reports: CEO Jim Rogers willContinue Reading

Why Won’t NOAA Reveal To Congress How Much It Spends On Travel?

The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is stonewalling a congressional oversight committee, which has been waiting for months for NOAA to turn over requested information about how much NOAA spends on travel each year. Rep. Paul Broun said in a letter made public today that Lubchenco’s ignoring of a congressional request “mocksContinue Reading

Perkins hot after newspaper racks

Lots of news breaking about downtown G’boro these days. John Hammer’s Rhino column starts out discussing Downtown Greensboro Inc. president Ed Wolverton’s desire to hang 110 baskets —at a cost of $500 apiece. But here’s what jumped out at me: Wolverton and company also want to remove all of the newspaper boxes from the downtown.Continue Reading

Big win for Billy Prim

Winston-Salem Dash owner Billy Prim gets the property tax on the BB&T Stadium lease reduced to …..drum roll—- zero. Prim won an appeal before county’s board of equalization and review. Prim did not attend the meeting, but instead was represented by attorney Bart McLean: Thursday’s argument wasn’t about the tax value of the stadium itself.Continue Reading

Goldberg exposes a key problem with the fiscal cliff debate

Likening Washington politicians to junkies who look for a quick high now in return for pushing off painful reality to the future, Jonah Goldberg devotes his latest column to the absurdity surrounding the negotiations over the federal government’s fiscal cliff. Now here’s a distinction that the first few hundred people in the Boston phone bookContinue Reading

The flipside of the usual discussion of the law of unintended consequences

It’s not uncommon for right-of-center political commentators to discuss unintended consequences. In this venue, you’ll often find references to Bastiat‘s discussion of what is seen and what is unseen, a discussion that served as a basic building block for Henry Hazlitt‘s famous book Economics In One Lesson. The references usually refer to the negative unintendedContinue Reading

Podhoretz: Nothing from nothing leaves nothing … or something like that

John Podhoretz dedicates his latest Commentary essay to the “lessons to be learned from an election without substance,” by which he means an election bereft of debate about clashing ideas. The contentlessness of the Romney campaign was a vacuity of the center-right—an effort to reach out to that 53 percent by being as airy asContinue Reading

In case you missed it …

WTVD asked the John Locke Foundation for reaction to Gov. Beverly Perdue’s plans for converting the Dorothea Dix property in west Raleigh into a new park. WTVD also sought JLF analysis of the governor’s plan to bypass her own judicial selection committee so she can make a state Supreme Court appointment before Republican Pat McCroryContinue Reading