Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

Markets for short term loans

Money.  We all need it and sometimes we come up short.  Whether it’s to cover moving expenses, fixing a broken washing machine, or other unforeseen financial needs requiring a quick fix, short term loans have a market.  And when government interferes with that market, there are consequences.  Sometimes that interference is a nanny state problem,Continue Reading

How Many College Grads Do We Need?

Today at a meeting of the UNC Strategic Directions Committee, members heard a presentation about degree attainment. Specifically, how many North Carolina workers are projected to need college degrees in the future? Dan Cohen-Vogel presented data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showing that North Carolina will likely need between 23.4 percent and 32Continue Reading

Three-month investigation nets one guy, truck, and 24 gallons of moonshine

Congratulations to the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (Virginia ABC) and North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (NC ALE) investigators for capturing wanton criminal Claude L. Parker of Gates County, NC! After a three-month joint undercover investigation, super secret government agents seized 24 gallons of moonshine and Mr. Parker’s 1990 Chevy pickup.  According to VirginiaContinue Reading

I voted today.

Hello friends, Let me tell you about my day. I voted. Exercised my right. Yep, had my say. It was easy. It’s my duty. You should try it, like me. Get in your car, hop on your bike Walk if you must, it’s not a long hike. Rev up your scooter. Run, skip, or jump.Continue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, October 30, 2012

• Sandy’s impact. State and local election officials are working overtime to make sure that coastal flooding and mountain snows caused by Superstorm Sandy do not prevent people from voting.   • National attraction. The race for state treasurer between Democratic incumbent Janet Cowell and Republican challenger Steve Royal draws the attention of Pensions &Continue Reading

Barone challenges the notion that changing demographics doom the GOP

Michael Barone devotes his latest column to the oft-repeated assertion that America’s changing demographics doom the Republican Party to eventual obsolescence. Republicans are often told that their party is headed toward minority status because of the rising numbers of heavily Democratic non-whites. Many analysts, even the perspicacious Ron Brownstein of National Journal, tend to lumpContinue Reading

Podhoretz père addresses American exceptionalism

The latest issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis features Norman Podhoretz’s thoughts on the value of American exceptionalism. In my own younger days, I was on the Left, and from the utopian vantage point to which leftism invariably transports its adherents, it was the flaws in American society—the radical 1960s trinity of war, racism, and poverty—thatContinue Reading

Lincoln as politician

The latest TIME cover story — coinciding with coverage of the final days of this year’s election campaign and the pending release of Steven Spielberg’s latest film — focuses on Abraham Lincoln and his approach to the nation’s top job. Even the 16th president’s biggest fans might forget the political motivations surrounding much of hisContinue Reading