Daily Archives: October 29, 2012

Another year, another tax increase for North Carolina’s employers

Given that the state remains delinquent with its Unemployment Insurance system—$2.5 billion delinquent and third worst in the nation—it will fail to meet a November 10 deadline for repayment. The consequence of not resolving this is a mandatory tax increase on employers and continued interest payments. For each year, the federal UI tax increases byContinue Reading

Clarence Thomas’ judicial legacy

With two decades of service on the nation’s highest court, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has carved out a mark as today’s leading exponent of the principles spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. That’s the assessment of Ohio Northern University law professor Scott Gerber, who discussed Thomas’ legacy today during a presentation forContinue Reading

Common Core Certification

As you may know, North Carolina has adopted the Common Core State Standards in English and math. Implementation of the Common Core Standards has been challenging for administrators and instructional staff.  To make matters worse, all certified public school teachers will be required to complete a four-phase “Common Core Certification Program.”  Rather than focusing onContinue Reading

More stumbling and cronyism from North Carolina’s treasurer

Back in April, I wrote of Janet Cowell’s conflicts of interest and underperformance in her role as state treasurer. Well, the damning news keeps coming in, as reported by Carolina Liberty PAC, the News & Observer, the Civitas Review, and even the Washington Examiner. Cowell (pictured) saw fit to invest $26 million of the state’sContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, October 29, 2012

• Git ‘er done. Early voting continues to outpace 2008 levels.   • Open the floodgates I. Rep. Larry Kissell, D-8th, spends more than half a million dollars in the first half of October in his frantic bid to defeat Republican challenger Richard Hudson.   • Open the floodgates II. The NC Judicial Coalition, theContinue Reading

The better you know communism …

… the more likely you are to fear the federal government’s current path? One might get that impression after reading a short Bloomberg Businessweek profile of Thomas Peterffy, a “68-year-old emigre from socialist Hungary who founded Interactive Brokers, the world’s largest online broker, and built a fortune of $7.6 billion.” Peterffy created a television adContinue Reading

More evidence of the need to rethink public education

If you were looking for another reason to support the types of education reform Terry Stoops has been touting for years, a Bloomberg Businessweek article about the presidential race might help you. The biggest question for U.S. policymakers will be whether they can recalibrate domestic priorities fast enough to catch up to a changing world.Continue Reading

Barron’s D.C. man probes the likelihood of less gridlock in 2013

Jim McTague devotes his latest Barron’s “D.C. Current” column to a synopsis of his recent conversation with Bernadette Budde of the Business Industry Political Action Committee, “one of Washington’s sharpest political analysts.” Though she expects Obama to triumph because his well-organized party will generate a better turnout than the GOP, his victory will not provideContinue Reading