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Fantasy football and free-market economics

EconomicFreedom.org takes a look at “Fantasy Football and Economic Freedom: Lessons to Learn.” It’s a nice piece, and it even references cronyism. To longtime readers of the Locker Room, the idea is quite familiar (as is the graph). We’ve discussed it in general. We’ve used it to illustrate the importance of voluntary trade and discussContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if…

…you think this is an ad for Matt Verilek.

Kudlow labels Obama’s second-term plan ‘little’

Count Lawrence Kudlow among those unimpressed by President Obama’s policy ideas for a second term. Under pressure from Mitt Romney, President Obama has finally released his own policy vision for a second term. And, yes, it’s the same old, same old. Some are calling it a second first term. There isn’t a single true economic-growthContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, October 26, 2012

• Arrive early. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will campaign tonight in Smithfield for GOP gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory tonight at a barbecue that’s expected to draw thousands.   • More star power. Meantime, singer Alicia Keys and two members of the Biden family will campaign for Democrats at separate events this weekend.   •Continue Reading

Goldberg probes the president’s ‘bayonets and battleships’ debate quip

Jonah Goldberg‘s latest column examines the serious problem associated with the president’s sarcastic response to challenger Mitt Romney’s concerns about the size of the U.S. Navy. In the third and final debate, Barack Obama scored huge points with the media, college kids, and die-hard liberals — in other words, his base — when he mockedContinue Reading

Williamson offers the president a performance review

Kevin D. Williamson explains for National Review Online readers why he recommends that voters not “renew” the president’s four-year contract. Deliverable 3: Energy. When interviewing for this position, you said, and I quote, “We could have headed off $4-a-gallon gas.” We’ve seen gas prices above or near $4 for most of your term, and aboveContinue Reading

York sees two slogans: ‘Big Change’ versus ‘Vote Early’

Reporting from suburban Columbus, Ohio, Byron York‘s latest Washington Examiner column documents the two major candidates’ different approaches to the final weeks of the presidential campaign. As the candidates campaign almost nonstop in this most critical swing state, the presidential race has come down to a battle of two slogans: “Big Change” versus “Vote Early.”Continue Reading

This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

After leading the University of North Carolina system for 30 years and influencing the state’s public policy for another quarter century, William Friday died at age 92, leaving a distinguished legacy. John Hood discusses that legacy in the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Roy Cordato dissects the Federal Reserve’s role in our current economicContinue Reading