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Liveblogging the final presidential debate, October 22, 2012

Welcome, and thanks for joining Carolina Journal and John Locke Foundation staffers as we provide live commentary on the debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney from Boca Raton, Fla. As always, all opinions belong to the author. Thanks for dropping by!

Warning from a Danish expatriate!

Last week, the founder and CEO of Saxo Bank spoke at UNC-Chapel Hill on the dangers of European socialism, based on his experience with Denmark. He has now migrated to Switzerland, given fears that an exit would grow increasingly difficult as more productive individuals leave and exit taxes rise. The associated article, the basis forContinue Reading

Digesting Cato’s fiscal report card on governors and Perdue’s C grade

Last week, the Cato Institute released its biennial Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2012. There is a lot in this one, but it measures actions since 2010 and ranks governors based on whether they have increased or decreased taxation and spending. It also includes some consideration for whether a governor has proposed changes butContinue Reading

The ‘Strings Attached’ to behavioral incentives

If you’ve ever offered your child dessert in return for eating her vegetables — or some type of reward for doing her homework — you’ve encountered the power of incentives. But incentives can generate unintended negative consequences as well. Duke University political science and philosophy professor Ruth Grant discusses the pros and cons of incentivesContinue Reading

Real Reform vs. “Throw Money At It”

In an article for the Pope Center today, Jay Schalin examines the higher education policy ideas of North Carolina’s two major gubernatorial candidates, Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton. Jay says that although both have some good ideas, McCrory clearly has the better vision for moving public higher education forward. Democrat Walter Dalton represents a returnContinue Reading

NC middle school student suspended for untucked shirt

How dare she have a partially untucked shirt!  From Huffpost Education, Parents of 12-year-old Danielle O’Neal are threatening to sue North Carolina’s Pamlico County Schools after their daughter was suspended for a partially untucked shirt. The incident occurred earlier this month when Pamlico Middle School Principal Lisa Jackson spotted the seventh-grader in a school hallwayContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, October 22, 2012

• Last chance. Be sure to join Carolina Journal and John Locke Foundation staffers tonight as we liveblog the final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, right here at Locker Room.   • Soap opera. Recent revelations surrounding Wake County School Board members Debra Goldman and Chris Malone could shake up their races asContinue Reading

Wouldn’t it be nice?

What the latest Bloomberg Businessweek describes as a flaw in the operations of our current Congress actually sounds pretty good. Although most members of Congress left Washington weeks ago to campaign, they’re technically not in recess. To prevent President Obama from making recess appointments, a rotating cast of lawmakers is gaveling in twice a weekContinue Reading