Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

Wake County back in the spotlight

Tony Tata on the front page of the latest issue of Education Week. From the article, “Superintendent Fired in Wake County, N.C.,” The school board said Mr. Tata’s dismissal was not politically motivated, despite a vote that fell along party lines, with Democratic members leading the call for Mr. Tata to leave.  

New at CJO: N.C. House District 9 election profiled

Sam Hieb examines the N.C. House District 9 election for Carolina Journal Online.

N.C. Supreme Court overrules appellate judges in Brunswick County ‘bra lift’ case

In a one-page order issued today, the N.C. Supreme Court vacated a 2-1 opinion from the N.C. Court of Appeals that had labeled the “bra lift” of a Brunswick County alternative school student unconstitutional. The Supreme Court wants the case to return to the trial-court level. The trial court is ordered to make additional findingsContinue Reading

New at CJO: N.C. House District 93 rematch profiled

Kristy Bailey reports on the rematch in the N.C. House District 93 election for Carolina Journal Online.

Tone it down, dude

Dan Willingham, an education professor at the University of Virginia, wants all sides of the education reform debate to tone down the rhetoric.  He writes, I think it’s fair to say that, in education policy, some of us have gone too far. People who disagree with us are depicted as not merely wrong, but evil.Continue Reading

Finally, a fun feel good political ad

Wilmington’s war on Flip’s makes 99th percentile of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard

(You see, years of experience in studying government have taught me not to declare anything the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.) Thanks to CarolinaPlottHound I encountered the following compounding example of gratuitous local government obnoxiousness: The City of Wilmington requires a local landmark barbecue business, Flip’s, to take down its 50-year-old sign Business owner BobContinue Reading

Vocational education: The Swiss way

Many Swiss students are passing up a free college education to enroll in a vocational school, according to a recent article published in Time.  The system is funded by the private sector and is extremely successful. Currently, approximately 58,000 Swiss companies provide VET [Vocational Education and Training] program to roughly 80,000 apprentices – impressive numbersContinue Reading