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Don’t Play with Your Ballot

Somebody started a rumor that voters filling out the paper ballots in Buncombe County could fill in the straight party ellipse of their choice, and then deselect particular candidates by filling in the appropriate ellipses below. I have heard from two other people, including a higher-up from the Board of Elections, that doing this willContinue Reading


The Town of Columbus must recycle its recycling bins. The receptacles haven’t been used in two years, because the town has “no means” to empty them. Nearby towns aren’t interested in them for the same reason. Officials don’t think Columbus can sell them to a private party because they were acquired via a state grant.

Ignore Those Unintended Consequences

Everybody loves those little curly-fry lightbulbs that fade upholstery and artwork and, some allege, contribute to skin cancer. Drawing down fewer kilowatt-hours, they provide the same number of lumens as incandescents, and they last ten times longer. But, as you know, they contain mercury vapor, which necessitates evacuation of premises for five to ten minutesContinue Reading

Because Fishies Prefer Bottled Water

The NC Division of Water Quality has awarded the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy $200,000 to implement best practices to prevent pesticides, fertilizer, and dirt from running into Mills River. Is it a stretch to assume in the near future “they” will have to enrich streams with vitamins, minerals, and biomass found in the dirt thatContinue Reading

Time for a Soprano?

Urban planning was only one contributor to the looming economic collapse. It is circular to say production is good for economies, and yet elected officials in Maggie Valley are still fending their town from the likes of a manufacturer who would dare to usurp the “tenor” of the tourist town.

A Look At State Ballot Measures Across The U.S.

Stateline, a project of the Pew Center on the States, summarizes the measures that appear on next Tuesday’s ballot across the country. There are 174 of them and the include measures about legalizing marijuana, cutting taxes, raising taxes, same-sex marriage, public funding for abortion, and more.  

New at CJO: N.C. Senate District 18 race profiled

Sara Burrows profiles the N.C. Senate District 18 race for Carolina Journal Online.

Another round on the “stimulus” of disasters

Professor Don Boudreaux responds to a column by University of Maryland professor Peter Morici. Morici claimed that Hurricane Sandy would have stimulative effects. To that, Boudreaux replies: Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer Dear Editor: Peter Morici argues that hurricane Sandy might prove to be an economic boon (“Disaster has economic benefits, too,” Oct. 30). There’s nothing surprisingContinue Reading