Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

Fraser Institute explanation: The declining economic freedom of the United States

This is an extract from Chapter 1 of the Economic Freedom of the World 2012 Annual Report. It seeks to explain what may have many people scratching their heads—how the United States has fallen so far relative to other nations in terms of freedom. The added emphasis is mine, and if you’d like to readContinue Reading

Tata’s next move: An idea

Tony Tata = next chairman of the NC State Board of Education …just a thought.

Tata’s email to Wake school employees

From: Anthony Tata/Superintendent/WCPSS Date: 09/25/2012 05:56PM Subject: Thank You Team, The board voted yesterday to seek my separation without cause, after which I reluctantly entered into negotiations that resulted in an agreement that effective today I would no longer serve as your superintendent. I am proud of everything that all of you have accomplished inContinue Reading

Wake school board fires Tata

In a party-line vote, today the Wake County school board fired Superintendent Tony Tata after 20 months on the job. He’ll receive a separation package of slightly more than $250,000.   Tata, who was a top assistant to Washington, D.C. superintendent Michelle Rhee — a rock star in the school reform movement — was broughtContinue Reading

New at CJO: N.C. Senate District 1 race profiled

Donna Martinez reports for Carolina Journal Online about the race for the District 1 seat in North Carolina’s state Senate.

Wisdom in Washington’s Farewell Address

Unfortunately, few of today’s politicians pay any heed to George Washington’s good advice upon leaving office. Here’s a good essay that elaborates on the point.

Why we’d be better off with a separation of school and state

The Obama administration’s new national standards are causing havoc in schools, as Stanley Kurtz writes here. The Constitution gives the federal government no authority at all with regard to education, but we now have much more than the camel’s nose under the tent.

“atavistic red/blue tribalism”

That’s one of the good phrases Gene Healy uses in this DC Examiner article on the depressing state of politics in America.