Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Beyond embarrassing for “the land of the free”

The most astounding part of the latest freedom rankings from the Fraser Institute is the painfully rapid decline of the United States, from 2nd in 2000 to 18th this year. As a native of New Zealand, which came in third, I would caution people against reading too much into the comparisons—some things are beyond measurement—butContinue Reading

US plunges in latest Index of Economic Freedom

Back in 2000, the US ranked third in world in this sophisticated analysis of the degree of economic freedom in each nation. Where are we today? We’ve fallen to #18. Economist Richard Rahn writes here about this sorry trend. Of course, Obama couldn’t care less about economic freedom, but I wish he’d deign to tellContinue Reading

IN WHICH I praise Stanley Fish and Bob Dylan

for knowing that many fine things in life are above politics. As I write in my newsletter, “When there is a determined movement in this country to politicize every aspect of life, it is pleasing to find such an oasis of perspective.”

More trouble for the F-35

So reports Reuters. Highlight: Pentagon officials slammed Lockheed Martin Corp’s performance on the $396 billion F-35 fighter jet program and said they would not bail out the program again if problems with the plane’s cutting-edge pilot helmet and software were not resolved. Deputy F-35 program manager Air Force Major General Christopher Bogdan said on MondayContinue Reading

Appeals Court affirms trial court ruling in dispute between Carteret deputy, EMS technician

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has affirmed a trial court’s ruling against a Carteret County sheriff’s deputy in his lawsuit against a Newport EMS technician. The deputy had alleged that the EMS technician’s negligence in restraining an unruly patient had led to the deputy’s severe back injury. In other opinionsContinue Reading

No fan of Obama either

Yesterday I copied in an open letter from Professor Don Boudreaux to Mitt Romney, attacking him for his campaign pandering over trade. Today, he blasts Barack Obama for the same thing: 17 September 2012 Pres. Barack Obama Campaign Trail, USA Dear Mr. Obama: Speaking today in Ohio, you bragged that your administration brought unfair-trade complaintsContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, September 18, 2012

• Still a battleground. Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan will make a quick stop today at the Greensboro airport, one day before First Lady Michelle Obama visits North Carolina for her husband’s campaign.   • Double-digit lead. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll gives Republican Pat McCrory a 13-point lead over Democratic Lt. Gov. WalterContinue Reading

Forbes makes moral case for free markets

Regardless of its negative influence, the Occupy Wall Street movement has produced at least one positive spinoff effect: a series of books documenting the moral case for free markets. Tom Palmer, Arthur C. Brooks, and George Gilder are among those who’ve broached the subject in recent months. One of the most recent examples is SteveContinue Reading