Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Word to Ben Bernanke

Wealth can’t be printed, it must be produced.

A British leftist gets the roots of the housing crisis right

J. Peter Wallison of AEI here reviews a new book by a British leftist which, remarkably, gets the roots of the housing crisis right. Leftists for the most part are unwilling to admit that any adverse outcome ever materializes from their efforts at remaking society. That’s why the housing bubble and subsequent economic contraction hadContinue Reading

York: Romney right on embassy attacks

Byron York — who will take part in the John Locke Foundation’s election preview panel Wednesday — challenges the standard media take on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s response to the Sept. 11 violence at American embassies. York devotes his latest Washington Examiner column to the topic. An instant consensus appears to have developed amongContinue Reading

Well, this could get confusing

Heartland Publications, which owns 20 small newspapers in North Carolina, is now owned by a new group called Civitas Media, LLC: Versa Capital Management, LLC, a private equity investment firm, today announced the creation of Civitas Media, LLC, a new community news media company. Civitas, Latin for “community” or “citizen,” combines four media entities ownedContinue Reading

New Poll Shows North Carolina Voters Favor School Choice Policies

From the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice: The “North Carolina K-12 & School Choice Survey” found 65 percent of voters support charter schools and tax-credit scholarships for private schools; 15 percent opposed charter schools and 23 percent opposed the scholarships. Education savings accounts were supported by 56 percent of polled voters; 28 percent were opposed.Continue Reading

Duke to use peer pressure to meet artificial mandate

The News & Observer tells us this morning that Duke Energy has secured regulatory approval this week to use a form of peer pressure in its attempts to reduce its customers’ energy use. This is the latest effort to boost energy efficiency in conjunction with a legislative mandate that also will force customers to payContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, September 13, 2012

• John Tedesco, the Republican nominee for state Schools Superintendent, says campaign contributions he has received, and which are being questioned by a Democratic activist, are entirely appropriate. • U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been judged by the Office of Special Counsel to have violated the Hatch Act with here endorsementsContinue Reading

A follow-up question for the latest UNC mess

Once reporters have finished dealing with the more pressing concerns surrounding UNC-Chapel Hill’s latest embarrassment — the Kupec-Hansbrough affair (pun intended) — it might be interesting to search for any publicly available information about Matt Kupec’s and Tami Hansbrough’s job evaluations. Given all their travel to college and pro basketball games that had nothing toContinue Reading