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John Connaughton: Let’s talk jobs

As you know, JLF head John Hood has argued that North Carolina is on the wrong foot economically and a large part of the problem is portions of the state’s leadership haven’t come to accept that fact yet. Hood got support in his assessment today from an unlikely source: UNC-Charlotte economics professor John Connaughton, whileContinue Reading

Plans to revive the economy

We’re hearing a lot from Obama and Romney about their “plans” for reviving the economy and creating jobs. Economist Thomas Sowell, however, points out here that political plans are not going to accomplish anything good because they’re built on the faulty premise that our problems stem from government not doing enough or not doing theContinue Reading

Dookie Bling-Bling No-No Needs Closer Lookie-Lookie, But Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge More Likely

The most heralded rivalry in college sports is now officially a race to the bottom. After two years of steady revelations of corruption involving athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill, arch-rival Duke has joined the competition. Last week, Rafiello and Co., a jewelry company favored by music stars and professional athletes, filed suit against former Duke (andContinue Reading

Carney notes the difference between climate science and climate fantasy

Former John Locke Foundation Headliner Tim Carney notes for the Washington Examiner recent changes in President Obama’s climate change rhetoric. He no longer says he’ll do anything about it. Since his climate-change bill died in the summer of 2009, Obama has not pushed any legislation to restrict greenhouse-gas emissions. He’s decided it’s a loser, apparently,Continue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, September 11, 2012

• Under fire from two sides, Rep. Larry Kissell sticks to his message in the 8th District U.S. House of Representatives race. • A Wake County Superior Court Judge on Mondaythrew out a lawsuit by North Carolina Citizens for Progress against Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory. • Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton offersContinue Reading

JLF election panelist York focuses on Romney’s reaction to an Obama bounce

Byron York, who heads to Raleigh next week for a John Locke Foundation election preview panel discussion, uses his latest Washington Examiner column to explore the next steps for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign. The next few days are going to try Romney’s patience and determination. The media is focusing incessantly on Obama’s relativelyContinue Reading

Cutting jobs state taxpayers can’t afford

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek offers a brief article suggesting California has gained an advantage over Texas in the race to recover from the depths of the latest economic downturn. California added 365,100 nonfarm jobs in the year that ended in July, compared to 222,500 new jobs in Texas. But the article makes no mention ofContinue Reading

Ryan’s efforts to bring some truth to government accounting

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek details Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan‘s efforts in Congress to help shed more light on the federal government’s true budget risks. According to the Congressional Budget Office, if the government included market risk in its budget, programs like student loans and mortgage guarantees from the Federal Housing Administration, which areContinue Reading