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Holy crap

It’s election season and DNC week; it is definitely time for some more hysterically overblown Obama deification. Arise, ye Ozymandian structures! Peddle, ye swappers of swag! I don’t know; it seems to me the DNC is dumbing messiah down. Meh, some Anointed One: can’t even earn a letter grade on the economy (semantics: you don’tContinue Reading

Beer Stamps

I was doing a little shopping yesterday at the local drug store when I came across this: Ok, so the camera on my phone is lousy, but that is clearly beer and those red labels next to the prices are reminders that this particular store does indeed accept SNAP cards.  SNAP is the Supplemental NutritionContinue Reading

Atkinson: graduation rates and employment

In a recent blog post, Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson wrote, Some have said that the North Carolina’s all-time high graduation rate must be a product of the state’s high unemployment rate. Knowing how hard our entire community has worked – students, teachers, parents, administrators and even nonprofits and volunteers – I have neverContinue Reading

What happens to the federal budget when interest rates rise?

I don’t think any Republican brought this up at their convention and would be astounded if any Democrat does at theirs, but when interest rates rise, as Peter Schiff argues they will, the feds will face a fiscal crisis that will make all other crises look tame in comparison. I hate to think about howContinue Reading

Refuting the “trickle down” canard

Here is an excellent piece by Steve Conover, refuting the leftist canard that economic freedom means that a little bit of wealth will “trickle down” from the rich to the rest of society. To believers in government control of economic activity, that’s a poor alternative to their notion that the right sorts of policies willContinue Reading

N.C. Court of Appeals rules short-term vacation rentals do not violate restrictive covenants against property’s commercial or business use

In a Caldwell County case, the N.C. Court of Appeals ruled this morning that restrictive covenants against use of a home for business or commercial purposes do not apply to short-term vacation rentals. The unanimous opinion from a three-judge panel affirmed the trial court’s ruling in the case. In other opinions released this morning: AContinue Reading

NC districts apply for federal grant

The U.S. Department of Education has released a list of the school districts that have indicated an intent to compete for a federal Race to the Top grant. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction received a $400 million statewide Race to the Top grant in 2010.  This year, school districts may apply for aContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail and the Democratic convention, September 4, 2012

I’ll be cross-posting these at Meck Deck this week. And be sure to check Locker Room every Monday-Friday morning thru Election Day for updates on campaigns and candidates in the Tar Heel State.   • A lengthy Politico story on moderate Democrats features N.C. Reps. Mike McIntyre (7th District) and Larry Kissell (8th District), notingContinue Reading