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Voices Without a Voice

THESE KIDS SHOULD MAKE NATIONAL NEWS! “Voices Without a Vote” Produced in San Diego County by local  students.  This 3-plus-minute, professional-quality video is perfect to share across the nation with family, friends and everyone in between. PUT TOGETHER BY KIDS WHO CAN’T VOTE—THEY ARE TOO YOUNG.

New at CJO: N.C. Senate District 50 election profiled

Matthew Milliken examines the N.C. Senate District 50 race for Carolina Journal Online.

Won’t Back Down review worth reading

New York Post film critic Kyle Smith deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his review of Won’t Back Down. The rousing school-choice movie “Won’t Back Down” is (already!) inspiring teachers’ unions to protest it with its standard dial-a-mob tactics, but the film makes a serious effort to present the other side’s points. This did not haveContinue Reading

Scapegoating free speech

Attorney Hans Bader of Competitive Enterprise Institute writes forcefully about the Obama administration’s reactions to the murders in Libya here.

Government does a lousy job of regulating financial markets

That’s the argument Sheldon Richman makes in this Freeman column. Regulation through competition under the rule of law is far better from the standpoint of the average person. Unscrupulous insiders, however, can and do profit mightily by knowing how to use the system.

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, September 28, 2012

• Obamacare on the docket. 9th Congressional District candidates Robert Pittenger (R) and Jennifer Roberts (D) debated Wednesday in Charlotte.   • On the stump. GOP candidate for governor Pat McCrory will hold a rally in Emerald Isle Saturday, joined by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.   • Survey says … A new NBC News/Marist pollContinue Reading

The shrinking middle class?

The Pew Research Council tells us the American middle class is in decline, suffering through a “lost decade” that has left its members “fewer, poorer, gloomier.” There’s one problem with the assessment, says Scott Winship of the Brookings Institution. It “badly misrepresents the economic standing of the middle class.” Winship explains in the latest NationalContinue Reading

Steyn probes the 2012 election’s deeper meaning

No American president ever has won re-election with the type of bad economic statistics Barack Obama faces today. But polls suggest our 44th president has a great shot of spending another four years in the Oval Office. What gives? Mark Steyn offers some thoughts in the latest National Review. The conventional line is that thisContinue Reading