Daily Archives: August 15, 2012

Wind power plant waits till after president’s visit to lay off 20 percent of its work force

I have, on occasion, noted how Big Green Energy, favored by Pres. Obama, has this self-defeating habit of being thoroughly and unmitigatingly unproductive. Things are bad when you’re the Green Emperor stuck having to put a brave face on, e.g., a $54 million, five-employee boondoggle. Under Obama, forced Green Energy spending has essentially amounted toContinue Reading

Wind power destroying jobs in Iowa and the rest of the country

Ken Green, writing on the American Enterprise Institute blog, calculates how many jobs are being destroyed due to wind power subsidies being bragged about by the President on the campaign trail. In the case of Spain, the cost of creating a green-energy job came at the expense of two jobs that would have been createdContinue Reading

Voter ID Upheld in PA

North Carolina isn’t the only state that’s seen battles over voter ID laws in recent months.  But not all of them have gone the same way as North Carolina’s, which was vetoed earlier this year.  Today, in Pennsylvania, a judge refused to strike down a law very similar to North Carolina’s, which requires all votersContinue Reading

Stay Away From My Pig!

USA Today reports that while campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday President Obama announced that the government will purchase “…up to $100 million of pork, $50 million of chicken, and $10 million of both lamb and catfish products for federal food nutrition assistance programs, including food banks.” This is a relatively normal occurrence; the USDA hasContinue Reading

Obama: Watch me outdo Bush’s ethanol idiocy, too

The Bush Administration’s ethanol fetish is now under full ownership by the Obama Administration, and just as with the federal deficit, Homeland Security, the TSA, ad nauseam, any bad move Bush can do, Obama can do even worse (like upping the percentage of engine-damaging ethanol in each gallon of gasoline). By far the biggest problemContinue Reading

The Libertarian party candidate on Medicare and Medicaid

Since the naming of Paul Ryan as the Republican VP candidate many libertarians on FB and Twitter have been pointing out, often and sometimes vociferously, “the Ryan Plan” is not to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid but to reform it and to save it. This is meant to be criticism of Ryan, showing thatContinue Reading

Re: The Most Liberal College

A reader makes some good points about my assessment of Warren Wilson College, which holds the distinctions of being the most liberal college in the country (according to a recent survey) and having an unusually high rate of sexual assaults reported. The high reported rate may not reflect a genuine higher rate of sexual assault,Continue Reading

We should dump the Too Big to Fail idea

Peter Wallison and Cornelius Hurley argue in this excellent Forbes article that it would  be highly beneficial for the country if Washington dumped the TBTF idea, which causes banks to take bigger risks than otherwise. Sadly, Dodd-Frank takes us in exactly the wrong direction, institutionalizing TBTF. Nothing in the Constitution permits any branch of theContinue Reading