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Erskine Bowles: Ryan budget ‘sensible, straight-forward’

I keep wondering if I’ll Google the video of Erskine Bowles, the two-time Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from North Carolina and former chief-of-staff for President Bill Clinton, and find that his comments praising GOP VP-pick Paul Ryan’s budget taken out of context. But it hasn’t happened yet. Bowles said Ryan could “run circles around me”Continue Reading

The video the Obama campaign does not want you to see

And yet another reason Erskine Bowles would have been a formidable candidate for governor:  

The future for Citizens United-based campaign finance rules

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case has caused major changes in the way candidates and their supporters approach American election campaigns. Critics want to undo the high court’s ruling. John Samples, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Representative Government, discussed the likelihood of change during a presentation today to theContinue Reading

People who live in glass houses….

Last week, the Obama campaign released an ad making the argument that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of the wife of a worker at a factory where Bain Capital had invested, but ultimately had to close because of continuing losses. That ad has been thoroughly debunked, but it’s worse than deceptive for TeamContinue Reading

Re: Putting N.C.’s pension obligation challenge in perspective

Mitch, To continue putting N. C.’s pension challenges in perspective, as you said, we’re not as bad off as China.  According to a Moody’s report on the 10 worst pension funds in the U.S., we’re not as bad off as some other states either. As Hood points out, For some states and localities, the pensionContinue Reading

Moody’s forecasts a slow growing economy with a 30% chance of another recession in the next year.  What can be done to get things moving in the right direction?  The economic outlook depends on a range of issues, including political efforts to lay out a credible tax and spending path to reduce the deficit andContinue Reading

Lessons from Argentina

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by an Argentine who lamented that nation’s sad decline into crony capitalism, corruption, inflation, lawless government, etc. Here is a superb response in today’s paper. The writer is absolutely correct in observing that a) nations can go past the point of no return once that advancedContinue Reading

The party of “the little guy” hurts “the little guy”

The Democrats always posture as “the party of the little guy” and that’s sheer baloney since most elected Democrats readily support all manner of special interest legislation that hurts people with lower incomes the most. (Not that the Republicans are better; they posture as the party of limited government, but hardly any elected Republicans doContinue Reading