Daily Archives: August 10, 2012

It is now legal to braid hair in Utah

Utah has finally seen sense.  From this week, those providing African Hair Braiding services in the state will not have to be licensed by the state or complete the 2000 hours of cosmetology training that the licensing requires.  In a case taken on by the Institute for Justice, a judge this week struck down theContinue Reading

3,000 Detained on Wrongful Convictions

According to a story on WRAL, “anyone convicted of a prior crime punishable by more than a year in prison cannot legally own a gun. For about two decades, federal prosecutors in North Carolina applied that law using the worst-case scenario, meaning a defendant’s actual sentence didn’t matter. Prosecutors used the theory that a defendantContinue Reading

Hood’s book gets generally positive review in Charlotte Observer/News & Observer

Reviewer Peter Coclanis of UNC-Chapel Hill has this to say in the Charlotte Observer about John Hood’s new book, Our Best Foot Forward: [W]hat Hood is offering is a thoughtful right/center-right growth prescription heavy on markets, incentives and competition, and suspicious of governmental hyperactivity. Although “Our Best Foot Forward” at times reads rather more likeContinue Reading

George Gilder on capitalism

The August 13 issue of National Review contains a stupendous article by George Gilder entitled Unleash the Mind. I don’t think it is available online yet, but I can’t resist copying one paragraph that is one of the best I have ever read: “Even if it wished to, the government could not capture America’s wealthContinue Reading

Sheldon Richman versus Alan Wolfe on liberalism

In his Freeman column today, Sheldon Richman demolishes writer Alan Wolfe, who wants people to believe that in order for people to enjoy autonomy, we need still more government regulation.

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, August 10, 2012

• Former Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl endorses Democrat Jennifer Roberts over Republican Robert Pittenger in the 9th Congressional District campaign. McColl endorsed Jim Pendergraph in the GOP primary.   • If you’d like to attend President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, you can sign up with the campaignContinue Reading

NR editor likes the prospect of a Paul Ryan vice presidential bid

Rich Lowry‘s latest National Review Online column explains how Mott Romney’s Republican presidential campaign could benefit from adding House budget chairman Paul Ryan to the ticket. Romney has to carry the argument to President Barack Obama. The state of the economy alone isn’t enough to convince people that Romney has better ideas to create jobs.Continue Reading

Krauthammer urges Romney to attack Obama’s ideology, not just his poor record

Charles Krauthammer asserts in his latest column that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can approach the campaign against President Obama in two ways: running against his record or his ideas. Krauthammer prefers the latter course of action. The stewardship case is pretty straightforward: the worst recovery in U.S. history, 42 consecutive months of 8-plus percentContinue Reading