Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

AFP adds some Reagan to your movie theater experience

Moviegoers in North Carolina and across the country will soon see a new advertisement featuring America’s 40th president. Americans for Prosperity unveils Friday the ad featuring “speeches from President Ronald Reagan about the importance of economic freedom to America’s prosperity and happiness,” according to an AFP news release. “When people go to the movies tonightContinue Reading

Headline: Iron Man on Welfare?

I participated in an interview with ComicBook.com on the subject of North Carolina’s film incentives, which coincidentally was published the same day as my Daily Journal column on the subject.

NC school jobs update

For traditional calendar schools, the new school year is weeks away. And public schools across the state are hiring! The North Carolina Public Schools Application System (which does not include Wake County, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, or charter schools) lists 1,340 public school positions available.  Nearly 850 of the jobs listed are for instructional positions.

More from the big dog at Snoopy’s

Weighing in on the economic impact of gasoline prices, this latest wisdom from our friends at Snoopy’s….

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, August 9, 2012

• The latest survey by Public Policy Polling shows Pat McCrory holding his lead over Walter Dalton; down-ticket Republicans are doing better this year than in 2008.   • Democrat Hayden Rogers has expanded his fundraising lead over Republican challenger Mark Meadows in the 11th Congressional District race.   • Vice President Joe Biden willContinue Reading

Steyn ponders NY Times columnist’s admiration for Chinese totalitarianism

Mark Steyn‘s latest appearance on Dennis Miller’s radio show included a discussion of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s bizarre fascination with the Chinese regime’s ability to ignore Democratic safeguards in pursuit of its goals.

Weekly Standard writers ponder a Romney-Ryan ticket

Stephen Hayes and William Kristol ponder for the latest issue of the Weekly Standard the possibility of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan joining Mitt Romney on the Republican presidential ticket. While the prospect of a Romney-Ryan ticket has generated considerable enthusiasm among conservatives, it has also occasioned predictable hand wringing. The two main objections seem toContinue Reading

In praise of outsourcing

Amid all the political debate about outsourcing of jobs, a new Forbes magazine column from philosophy instructor and Ayn Rand Institute board member Harry Binswanger labels outsourcing “the U.S. at its best.” Republicans and Democrats strangely agree that outsourcing is unpatriotic, and that the moral and patriotic thing to do is to “Hire American” andContinue Reading