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Film Incentives

In today’s Rights and Regulations newsletter, Jon Sanders highlights the problems with government incentives.  His example is film, and that’s a particularly relevant one for North Carolinians at the moment, but the problem is also more general.  Jon notes that in his conclusion, when he talks about cutting taxes across the board as an incentiveContinue Reading

Behind General Motors’ “comeback”

I have been hearing ads claiming that Chevy “has had its best year ever.” Perhaps that is because GM is extending credit to far more buyers who have very poor credit scores, as Frank Stephenson notes here. Frank finds this similar to the days of the floundering savings and loan institutions in the late 80s,Continue Reading

Does NC WISE alter the graduation rate?

North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education (NC WISE) is the state’s repository for student information.  The state assigns “codes” to each student enrolled (or formerly enrolled) in a North Carolina public school.  Do changes to student coding policies alter the graduation rate?  I am told that some NC Department of Public Instruction employeesContinue Reading

This ought to be a big NC campaign issue

Cato Institute’s Mike Cannon writes here about the Achilles’ Heel of Obamacare: if states don’t go along with the creation of insurance exchanges, the Rube Goldberg contraption falls apart. McCrory, Dalton and candidates for the General Assembly should state their positions.

How construction unions compete

Unionized construction has been in decline for many decades, chiefly because of the efficiency-killing work rules that the unions demand. For that reason, non-union construction now has most of the market, except for government projects where anti-competitive special interest laws (Davis-Bacon and various governmental mandates for “Project Labor Agreements” that shut out non-union contractors) reserveContinue Reading

N.C. Court of Appeals permits suit against Asheville police to move forward

The N.C. Court of Appeals has ruled this morning that a woman shot by Asheville police during a 2007 car chase can move forward with her lawsuit against the three officers involved. The appellate judges affirmed most of the trial court’s ruling in the case, reversing only the portion of the original ruling dealing withContinue Reading

National Review editor Lowry labels Harry Reid a ‘malicious hack’

Giving the U.S. Senate Majority Leader a taste of his own medicine, National Review editor Rich Lowry‘s latest column invites Harry Reid to disprove the notion that he’s beneath contempt. The Nevada Democrat maintains that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. Reid’s charge is an intellectual and moral mess that makes the notoriousContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, August 7, 2012

• Gov. Bev Perdue makes a National Journal story pointing out the awkward position Democrats (and Republicans) find themselves hosting conventions in states with unpopular governors.   • House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, already is making plans to aid a possible transition to a McCrory administration.   • A group opposing the increase in governmentContinue Reading