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Update on vetoes – None

From this earlier post, an update on the remaining bills awaiting governor’s action…. Signed into law: House Bill 585 – exempts vehicles with 70,000 or fewer miles or the three newest model years from emissions testing Senate Bill 229 – Twenty two amendments to environmental laws including reporting, studies and regulation for storm water andContinue Reading

You might be a “progressive” if …

… you have a rapidly expanding Enemies’ List of fast-food restaurants. One wishes to counsel perspective, but it is necessarily absent for enforcers of the dictates of Everything Is Political.

Merger mess and big bills

The North Carolina Utilites Commission is a state agency of the State of North Carolina.  So who will be paying the fees of the $1,000 an hour attorneys they’ve hired to investigate the Duke/Progress merger mess?  The Commission says they’ll charge Duke for the fees.  Does that mean the ratepayers will end up with theContinue Reading

Infographic: U.S. vs. World Education


Lumberyard owner did build it too

A Savannah lumberyard owner joins Raleigh’s Snoopy’s Hot Dogs in sending a message to President Obama.  Yet another entrepreneur taking exception to “You didn’t build it”  

Brookings: Compulsory school age no magic bullet

For years, North Carolina’s public school leaders have urged the General Assembly to raise the compulsory attendance age from 16 to 18.  A new study by Grover Whitehurst and Sarah Whitfield of the Brookings Institution found that the change would not do much good.  They concluded, We find little evidence to support a causal connection betweenContinue Reading

Clock is ticking on five final bills….

The clock is ticking on a few remaining bills awaiting Governor Perdue’s signature – or not.  She has until tomorrow at midnight to either sign, veto or do nothing. If she does nothing, they become law by default. The remaining bills are: House Bill 585 – exempts vehicles with 70,000 or fewer miles or theContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, August 1, 2012

• Gov. Bev Perdue may not speak at the Democratic National Convention.   • District Court Judge Kirby Smith, who was appointed by Perdue to fill a vacancy in the 3B District, has suspended his campaign for election. He finished a distant second to New Bern lawyer Dave McFayden in the May runoff.   •Continue Reading