Daily Archives: July 24, 2012

More government-mandated waste — biofuels

Richard Rahn has an excellent column on the waste of resources entailed in the government’s mandate that we produce certain quantities of biofuels, ethanol in particular. This is just one more of the many areas where the federal government has no constitutional authority. Oh, the waste and damage we’d have been spared if the SupremeContinue Reading

Bus Stop Smoking Bans

For the record, I’m not a smoker.  I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, and I really find smoking quite distasteful.  But Raleigh city council is getting completely out of control.  They’re now talking about a ban on smoking at bus stops.  That’s right, bus stops, that are OUTSIDE.  For now, it’s just theContinue Reading

Obama’s blind spot: the spontaneous order of the market

Ever since Barack Obama gave the speech for which he’ll be more quoted than anything else, people have been analyzing it. Here, Professor Sandy Ikeda weighs in, arguing that Obama’s great blind spot is that he doesn’t understand spontaneous order. Ikeda writes, “So who created the underlying order that politicians and bureaucrats want to control?Continue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, July 24, 2012

• U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, R-6th District, has much more in his campaign coffers than Democratic rival Tony Foriest.   • Jim Blaine, state Senate leader Phil Berger’s chief of staff, is leaving to consult with the Senate Republican Caucus and help other Republican lawmakers in the fall election campaign.   • Guilford County SheriffContinue Reading

Hanson notes the selective interest in presidential candidates’ transparency

Much political discussion in recent days has focused on Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney’s reluctance to release more of his tax records. Meanwhile, Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest National Review Online column asks why so little has been said to date about other forms of transparency involving presidential candidates. Given all that history, and the mediaContinue Reading

You say that as if it’s a bad thing

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek labels this year’s crop of Capitol Hill bigwigs the “Doing-a-Lot-of-Nothing Congress” because lawmakers have sent “only 54 bills” to President Obama. The magazine labels most of those bills “trivial” and calls 2012 “one of the least productive sessions on record.” Given the federal government’s propensity for doing too much, though, aContinue Reading

Focusing on long-term growth

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek features a conversation with Columbia Business School dean Glenn Hubbard about his work advising Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: Everyone I talk to says Governor Romney’s economics are a mystery. I don’t think it is a mystery at all, Tom. It is really about restoring confidence in the country’s economy, gettingContinue Reading

Maybe Chavez and El Bloombito ought to have a conversation

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — satirized as El Bloombito — isn’t the only Spanish-speaking (or not-quite-Spanish-speaking) government nanny who wants to limit his subjects’ consumption of sugary drinks. Writing for Commentary‘s “Contentions” blog, Ben Cohen notes that another Spanish speaker, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, has similar ideas. Reports the Associated Press: Chavez saysContinue Reading