Daily Archives: July 23, 2012

This could boomerang on WRAL

WRAL, as this piece informs us, has released the names and addresses of area residents who own guns. An old law school friend of mine (who is an administrative law judge), suggests that this move could boomerang on WRAL. Suppose that it leads a criminal who wants to obtain a gun to target the home for a theftContinue Reading

Business Incentives…Again

NetApp, a data storage firm, announced today that it’s coming to RTP and bringing with it 460 jobs over the next four years.  The catch?  They’re also eligible for $11.8 million in state “incentives.”  In other words, taxpayers are going to foot a substantial chunk of the bill for NetApp to set up shop andContinue Reading

Invasive species of the moment: Lionfish

As the Wilmington Star-News explains: The lionfish, a spiny, brown-and-white striped animal native to the South Pacific and Indian oceans, has been present in North Carolina waters since at least the early 2000s. While visually stunning, the invasive species is a prolific breeder and a voracious eater that can quickly and easily thin populations ofContinue Reading

Long-term impacts from this year’s U.S. Supreme Court rulings

The federal health care case has attracted the most attention, but several other opinions from the recently concluded term of the U.S. Supreme Court could have a lasting impact on American courts and government power. Constitutional attorney Miguel Estrada discussed the 2012 term’s top cases during a presentation today for the John Locke Foundation andContinue Reading

Why North Carolina would benefit from a Taxpayer Bill of Rights

A consistent pattern of ever higher state spending, against constituent wishes, compels a structural change to North Carolina government. Here is my segment from the John Locke Foundation’s policy briefing for candidates on a fitting solution, a constitutional protection known as a Taxpayer Bill of Rights or TABOR (10 minutes). If you’re interested in learningContinue Reading

You might be a ‘progressive’ if …

… you think that the Aurora massacre — done by a grad student with a clean record, a high IQ, a history of working with underprivileged kids, no history of mental illness, no apparent red flags at all, who had meticulously planned the shooting for months and also booby-trapped his apartment with a network ofContinue Reading

Government is biased towards waste

So argues Professor D. W. Mackenzie in this Freeman column today. Because politics works on money that is confiscated from taxpayers rather than on voluntary payments for services rendered, the incentives to minimize waste and inefficiency are weak. We ought to want to do as little as possible through politics and as much as possibleContinue Reading

Remember — labor unions are so concerned about the rights of workers

Well, not really. Union bosses are mainly concerned about their own power and hate it when individuals exercise their right to drop out and no longer pay for  unwanted “services.” As we read here, some North Carolina workers who recently did that found that the union had posted personal information about them, including Social SecurityContinue Reading