My favorite source for pro-liberty news and opinion:

Update, July 18, 2012: I’ve just started a new reddit page for pro-liberty content related to North Carolina. Please consider subscribing to r/NC_Liberty.

If you’ve yet to use, you are missing out. For those who complain of media bias, is the ultimate alternative and home of user-generated and categorized content. It includes news and opinion articles, videos and images, self-posted opinions and questions, and a never-ending line of heated debates. Users even initiate meet-ups to go beyond the online forum.

With merely a login name and password—no email address is required—users can post content, vote all content up or down, engage in discussion, and tailor the website to receive only the content they desire. Additionally, users can create new topic categories (subreddits) if they want to expand the content of the site.

For those Locker Room readers yet to get their feet wet with, I recommend you give it a try. Although much of the site’s content is far from pro-liberty, you can adjust your subscriptions to get precisely the material you want. Should you wish to explore beyond the world of news and commentary, there is ton of comedic or less heavy-going content as well.

Once you have your login name, here are my favorite subreddits for you to consider:

A few months ago, I also created a Spanish-language, libertarian subreddit. R/Libertario already has 104 readers, and it continues to acquire new readers almost every day. So if you either understand Spanish or wish to learn, don’t hesitate read and contribute pro-liberty links from the Spanish-speaking world.

Fergus Hodgson

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