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International and U.S. state trends in student performance

Education researchers Eric A. Hanushek, Paul E. Peterson, and Ludger Woessmann released a new report, “Achievement Growth: International and U.S. State Trends in Student Performance.” In comparisons of test score growth over time, Hanushek et al found that the United States average was nearly identical to the international average.  Between 1995 and 2009, 24 countriesContinue Reading

The solution to low-turnout second primaries: Instant runoffs

They seemed thrilled when I walked in this morning. “We have a customer,” I heard one of the precinct officials at my Alamance County polling place say as I entered the polling place to cast my vote in the runoff primary around 10 a.m. “You’re No. 3,” that same official told me as she foundContinue Reading

Another of Obama’s “shaggy dog stories”

Reason’s Matt Welch pushes back here against another piece of Obamablather, namely his claim that the Golden Gate Bridge was a great federal project. Think about Obama’s “vision” he wants voters to embrace — government projects that benefit us all. For every one of those (and just when was the last time the government builtContinue Reading

Selling ice 200 years ago

Today’s Freeman column gives an excellent illustration of entrepreneurship — i.e., seeing an opportunity and then figuring out how to profit from it. Had Barack Obama been around back then, I suppose he’d have wagged a finger at this businessman and told him that he didn’t build his business on his own. Others helped himContinue Reading

A passing observation on tolerance and the employment of foreign workers

I don’t understand how the same people who are so tolerant of both legal and illegal immigrants employed here in positions that otherwise may be filled by US citizens (a tolerance that I mostly sympathize with), are so intolerant of the idea that American companies may “outsource” employment to those same foreign workers if theyContinue Reading

New N.C. Court of Appeals opinions released

Among the new opinions released this morning from the N.C. Court of Appeals: A unanimous three-judge panel affirmed a lower court ruling favoring Gastonia, the Gaston Grizzlies baseball team, and the Coastal Plain League in a dispute with a man injured in 2009 by a wild pitch. A unanimous three-judge panel affirmed a lower-court rulingContinue Reading

Why shouldn’t everyone get Food Stamps?

The regime is trying to buy votes by encouraging self-reliant people (Hispanics in particular, but it could be any voting group) to sign up for Food Stamps. Hans Bader comments here on this new bit of pandering by Obama.

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, July 17, 2012

• It’s runoff day! Be sure to vote early to avoid the last minute-crowds …   • Roll Call newspaper calls North Carolina “the most fertile territory this [election] cycle” to gain seats in Congress. The paper profiles today’s three Republican congressional runoffs (8th, 9th, and 11th districts).   • Some Democrats are starting toContinue Reading