Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

New organization dedicated to educational liberty

A new organization named Our Child, Not Yours was recently founded and you can learn more about it here. I like the name. It throws down a challenge to the proponents of omnipotent government who act as though children (or at least their minds) belong to the state.

The top 5 reasons to ditch Obamacare

Polls show that a majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, and no doubt most of those people have not closely analyzed the content of the massive bill (much less any of the voluminous regulations HHS will write to enforce the federalization of medical care). Their opposition is probably based mainly on the instinct that when governmentContinue Reading

JLF’s Agenda 2012 offers more than 100 policy recommendations that advance liberty, protect taxpayers

As candidates continue to hit the campaign trail, the John Locke Foundation is releasing Agenda 2012 to help those candidates find free-market, limited-government approaches to dozens of public policy issues. Learn more here and by watching Roy Cordato in the video clip below.

Sowell tackles the jobs argument

You’ve heard the arguments: President Obama’s policies have created millions of jobs. No, the president’s policies have cost the American economy millions of jobs. Which argument is right? Which is wrong? Can both be right? Thomas Sowell‘s latest column examines the problem in further detail. There is no free lunch in the job market, anyContinue Reading

School choice in Sweden

Sweden’s government-funded voucher program began in 1992.  The Swedish voucher system allows any religious, non-profit, cooperative, or for-profit corporation to operate a school, but it must obtain approval from the Swedish National Agency for Education (NAE) to do so.  All families are eligible.  The school may not select students or charge tuition and fees in excessContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, July 11, 2012

• Even though 8th District Rep. Larry Kissell voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, redistricting ensures the Democrat will face an uphill battle for re-election.   • The conservative Eagle Forum endorsed Dan Forest in the Republican runoff for lieutenant governor and Pat McCrory in the general election race for governor.   • UnionContinue Reading

Speaking truth to power

Don Boudreaux is truly a man of “letters.”  See this one at Cafe Hayek. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) 711 Hart Senate Bldg. Washington, DC 20501 Dear Sen. Durbin: You frequently complain about America’s trade deficit.  But on Sunday’s Face the Nation you complained instead about Mitt Romney’s Swiss bank account. Are you aware that whenContinue Reading

Tanner examines the president’s tax plan

Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute uses his latest National Review Online column to explore the implications of President Obama’s tax proposals. Here’s a big surprise: President Obama wants to raise taxes on “the wealthy.” By some counts, this represents the 25th time the president has rolled out this proposal — something to keep inContinue Reading