Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Election-year media la-la land: Where deciding not to raise taxes after all is reported as “cutting taxes”

The Associated Press headline: Obama urges tax cuts for families under $250,000 Obama is doing no such thing. All he is doing is proposing to delay for a year his desire to “end” the “Bush tax cuts”; i.e., hike taxes on families under $250,000. It’s a shame that the Associated Press has so little respectContinue Reading

More evidence that we have oversold higher ed

The Washington Post reports that people who have earned advanced degrees in STEM disciplines from top schools are finding that they can’t land employment in their fields and have to settle for anything they can find. Hans Bader of Competitive Enterprise Institute links to that piece and marshals additional evidence in this post. There hasContinue Reading

Dispelling myths about the pirate Blackbeard

Was the famous pirate Blackbeard a “bloodthirsty rogue” or a “hapless marionette” caught in a web of political machinations? Author Kevin Duffus argues that the latter interpretation is closer to the truth. He explains why in the book The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate, and he offered the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury SocietyContinue Reading

One of the many costs when people believe government will take care of them

America’s growing dependency mindset — Government can and will take care of my needs! — spawns a lot of damage, including this scam whereby criminals trick people into giving up personal identity information by telling them it’s needed so that President Obama can pay their utility bills.  

Obama does so have accomplishments!

Cato Institute’s David Boaz lists some of them in this post.

The real class struggle that Obama will never mention

It is interesting to note that the President’s class rhetoric is always about pitting income classes against each other, particularly “the middle class” and the “rich”. It is no coincidence that neither he, nor any other truly successful politician, ever reference the real class struggle. That is the struggle between the ruling class, which theContinue Reading

Barron’s editorial page editor cites good American ideas for Europe to emulate

Citing Alexander Hamilton’s influence on early American finances, Thomas G. Donlan of Barron’s devotes much of his latest column to making the case for American ideas that might help Europe boost its economic fortunes. In the Constitution, the states agreed to completely free internal trade — no tariffs, quotas, or restrictions on the movement ofContinue Reading

Doing just fine?

The latest “Economic Beat” column from Barron’s Gene Epstein explores the current state of private-sector job growth. Commenting on the June employment report released Friday, President Obama pointed out that private-sector employment has grown by 4.4 million jobs over the past 28 months. He was right, of course. But he might have added that anotherContinue Reading