Daily Archives: July 6, 2012

Rubio signs books, answers media questions about the economy, ObamaCare, immigration

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., brought his book tour to Raleigh’s Quail Ridge Books this evening. Click play below to watch a seven-minute video, including Rubio’s media briefing.

Who voted to override the Racial Justice Act Repeal?

Scoring a hat trick, the General Assembly overrode the Governor’s third veto this week with a final vote on Senate Bill 416, Amend Death Penalty Procedures, a.k.a Racial Justice Act Repeal. This is what the bill does: 1. Narrows the statistical evidence death penalty defendants are allowed to use in proving race was a significantContinue Reading

New at CJO: State’s Democrats split on health care repeal

In the latest Carolina Journal News Report, Signè Thomas reports on how members of the state’s House delegation intend to vote next week on a measure that would repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Who Voted to Override the Budget Veto?

Another big veto from the Governor this week was on House Bill 950, the 2012-13 budget.  Here are a few things the budget did: Did not raise taxes or increase debt Filled a $240M Medicaid hole and requires a full audit Restored $143M in education spending left short by federal stimulus money Provided $27M forContinue Reading

Who voted to override the Fracking Bill veto

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Governor vetoed SB 820 a.k.a. the Fracking bill. Here’s what the bill does: 1. Sets up the Mining and Energy Commission and requires them to develop a program to manage oil and gas exploration; 2. Authorizes fracking but imposes a moratorium on all permitting until the legislature says it’sContinue Reading

Why were the colonists so upset with their government in 1776?

Few Americans have much idea about what the Declaration of Independence was really about. As Professor Richard Ebeling reminds us here, it was about abusive, overbearing, meddlesome government power. But if you compare the powers of the British government in 1776 with the powers of “our” government today, the King and his minions were minorContinue Reading

The plain truth: Obamacare is aggression

So argues Sheldon Richman in his Freeman column today. It is most unfortunate that the Supreme Court is so indifferent to the usurpation and abuse of power in Washington. We would be a much freer and prosperous country if the Court had not decided that virtually omnipotent government was good and would  therefore meekly deferContinue Reading

Goldberg cites the Florida lifeguard firing as a symptom of a larger problem

You’ve likely heard the story by now of the Florida lifeguard who was fired for guarding life … saving a man who was drowning outside of the lifeguard’s designated lifeguard zone. The story sparks the latest National Review Online column from Jonah Goldberg. The “liberal truth” that politics can change a culture and save itContinue Reading