Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

NEA pitches plan to create a friends/enemies list

New Business Item #3 at the 2012 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly of the National Education Association (NEA) NEA shall investigate and then compile a list of individuals and corporations who contribute $250,000 or more to “super pacs” and additional activities. The list shall include companies and products they control. The information shall be publishedContinue Reading


Three vetoes by the Governor – will the General Assembly override? Two days left in the 2011-12 session. One historic session with the Republicans in charge for the first time on over 100 years. In the last few days the governor has vetoed three bills which now come back over to the General Assembly whereContinue Reading

Latest dispatches from the campaign trail, July 2, 2012

• Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-7th, says he will continue to support moves to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. His Republican opponent, David Rouzer, starts an online petition backing repeal.   • A Thursday candidate forum in Davidson County wound up as a debate over the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare.   • AContinue Reading

In case you missed it …

Barry Smith offered UNC TV’s “Legislative Week In Review” his expert analysis of the state budget battle between Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue and Republican legislative leaders, including Friday’s veto announcement. WTVD also asked the John Locke Foundation to respond to Gov, Bev Perdue’s state budget veto.

Is China’s state-run economy hitting a wall?

This forum has noted before the notion that China’s highly lauded government-directed economy is not all it’s cracked up to be. Jonathan Laing’s new Barron’s cover story raises similar concerns. It’s also of note that even some of the longtime bulls are growing concerned on the nation’s future. One is William Overholt, a respected AsianContinue Reading

Barron’s writer tackles the health care law’s ‘dismal’ economics

The Supreme Court says it’s constitutional, but the federal health care law is still plagued by some key economic problems, according to Barron’s “Economic Beat” writer Gene Epstein. In a properly functioning market for health insurance, young people would normally pay lower premiums than older people, based on very different probabilities of needing medical care.Continue Reading

Farm bill furor brings to mind O’Rourke’s story about impregnating a cow

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek devotes six pages to a discussion of the convoluted, five-year, $500 billion federal farm bill. After reading the story, you might want to view P.J. O’Rourke‘s comments to a John Locke Foundation Headliner audience from 2007.

Rubio discusses immigration with Businessweek

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio heads to Raleigh Friday for a book signing. He also appears in the latest Bloomberg Businessweek, discussing issues such as immigration. So how does the federal government modernize our immigration system? Both sides oversimplify immigration. On the one hand, there’s the real human element here. These are folks that come toContinue Reading