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Competition and choice versus dependency and bureaucracy

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery. The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following day. The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeksContinue Reading

Charter Schools in NC

Today is Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday.  Friedman was an outspoken advocate of school choice, and so it’s fitting that today’s newsletter from Terry Stoops is about the expansion of charter schools across the state.  Charters are all about increasing the diversity of options in education and offering more choices to parents and students.  Today’s newsletterContinue Reading

Milton Friedman and school choice

The late economist Milton Friedman spent much of his time advocating for increased school choice. Experts from the John Locke Foundation and Civitas Institute explored Friedman’s school choice ideas during a luncheon meeting in Raleigh marking Friedman’s 100th birthday. In the video clip below, Bob Luebke of Civitas outlines Friedman’s key proposal, JLF’s Terry StoopsContinue Reading

Mayor Bloomberg is at it again

Trans fats, sodas, and now baby formula.  In a new initiative, Mayor Bloomberg is encouraging New York hospitals to lock up baby formula, in the same way that drugs are, with nurses forced to sign it out before it can be given to mothers for their babies.  It’s not compulsory yet, but given his trackContinue Reading

Obama’s African military escapades

Gene Healy writes here about the escalation of American military involvement in various parts of Africa. It is just this sort of “promiscuous war-making” (in Healy’s phrase) that has led to so much grief over the last several decades. Our treasury is broke and we borrow 40 cents for every dollar we spend, but stillContinue Reading

Tax Foundation ranks N.C. near the middle of the pack in sales-tax rates

The Tax Foundation is taking a mid-year look at sales-tax rates across the United States. North Carolina’s statewide rate of 4.75 percent ranks No. 36, but local sales taxes help boost the combined state and local rate in North Carolina to 6.87 percent. That means North Carolina ranks No. 23 overall, just  behind New JerseyContinue Reading

Beantown bannings nothing new

When the mayor of Boston urged Chick-fil-A’s owner to take a hike because of his publicly stated views on traditional marriage, Daniel J. Flynn was not surprised. Flynn explains why in a column for Human Events. Boston is a city founded on intolerance. Lone inhabitant William Blackstone invited the Puritans to settle on his peninsulaContinue Reading

Gizzi likes the GOP’s chances for a U.S. Senate takeover

Former John Locke Foundation Headliner John Gizzi of Human Events reports that the latest numbers suggest good news for Republicans seeking to capture control of the U.S. Senate. When Human Events last looked at the 35 states in which voters are choosing U.S. Senators this fall, we concluded that “Republicans are brimming with confidence aboutContinue Reading