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Let us come: Immigration is a win-win

Update: July 2, 2012 This morning I was pleased to receive another interview regarding immigration, this time with Butler on Business. The hosts, Alan Butler and Jason Riddle, were curious as to how to reconcile a welcome for immigrants and respect for the law. That is a challenge, but dealing with illegal immigrants need notContinue Reading

Is North Carolina becoming California?

My colleagues at JLF have issued many warnings about the economic harms from state and local regulations, smart growth, renewable portfolio standards, high speed rail, energy exploration restrictions, subsidized green jobs, bloated entitlement programs and high taxes. As the  WJS explains:people are leaving California because of bad policy decisions and North Carolina seems to beContinue Reading

Cell phone restrictions: no long-term effect

In the latest issue of Accident Analysis & Prevention, UNC researchers Arthur Goodwin, Natalie O’Brien, and Robert Foss examined the long-term effect of restricting teenage cell phone use while driving. In their study, “Effect of North Carolina‘s restriction on teenage driver cell phone use two years after implementation,” researchers concluded, Overall, the findings suggest NorthContinue Reading

New at CJO: Perdue announces budget veto plan

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about the governor’s plan to veto the 2012-13 state budget bill.

She did/Will they/Won’t they/ – Budget Veto

Okay, now we know.  Yes, the governor has vetoed the budget. So on Monday, will the General Assembly override her veto, like they did on last year’s budget, along party lines in the Senate and with a bi-partisan vote in the House? The vote on this year’s budget was 30-15 along party lines in theContinue Reading

John Wilson: Eliminate charter schools

In an op-ed published in the News & Observer, John I. Wilson, former executive director of the National Education Association, outlines a plan to eliminate charter schools. Of course, he is not explicit about it.  Instead, he argues that the states should “bring charter schools back under the umbrella of local public school systems.”  HereContinue Reading

New at CJO: Blue Cross, smaller health insurance companies at odds over bill in legislature

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online about a bill in legislature’s closing days that pits Blue Cross Blue Shield against smaller health insurance companies.

Mark Levin vs George Will on the Roberts Decision