Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Thank God for the concentration of wealth

It is concentrations of wealth that produce everything I want and need. My house, computers, cars, my new television, my blood pressure medication, my cell phone, the services provided on my cell phone, my fishing pole, my income, the airplanes that fly me to my favorite vacation spots in Italy, the hotels that I stayContinue Reading

Say no to corporate welfare going nuclear

My newsletter this week asks the following: It’s bad enough to raise the price of electricity on the poor for the highly dubious benefit of necessary cronyism for green energy. What do you call raising the price of electricity on the poor for nothing?

Dems overpay male staffers

At least that’s what I take away from this story.

The Condition of Education 2012 released

The National Center for Education Statistics released The Condition of Education 2012 today.  Here is one of my favorite tables from the publication: Table A-22-1. Annual educational expenditures, 2008 Country Expenditures per student Expenditures as a percentage of GDP Luxembourg  $16,909 2.9 Switzerland  $13,775 4.3 Norway  $12,070 5.0 United States  $10,995 4.1 Austria  $10,994 3.6Continue Reading

AFP North Carolina briefs forced annexation foes

Before state lawmakers were set to address annexation legislation this afternoon, Americans For Prosperity North Carolina hosted a short briefing for forced annexation critics who traveled to Raleigh for the vote. Click play below to watch 14 1/2 minutes from the briefing led by AFP state director Dallas Woodhouse.

New at CJO: House budget eliminates controversial Commerce official’s job

Rick Henderson reports for Carolina Journal Online that the N.C. House budget plan eliminates the Commerce Department position of Henry McKoy, the man at the center of a scandal involving a sustainability nonprofit group.

Education Week publishes worst “fact check” ever written

Today, Education Week published a ridiculous “fact check” of Mitt Romney’s education speech.  It is historic – historically bad. The writer starts her “fact check” with a bang, “In his speeches, President Obama likes to tell us, ‘We can’t wait,’ Romney told the crowd at the Latino Coalition’s Small Business Summit Luncheon in Washington. “IfContinue Reading

Proposed K-12 education budget: An analysis

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education released their budget recommendations this morning.  The bottom line is that the proposal would increase the education budget from $7,444,122,100 approved in 2011 to $7,692,234,560.  Much of this increase is paid for using nonrecurring (one-time) funds. Indeed, the elephant in the room is the $226,983,163 in nonrecurring funds usedContinue Reading